Suggestion : make Run'n'Gun a default trait for all handguns

Pistol, Laspistol, even maybe even Autopistol should have the trait Run’n’Gun by default.
These weapons do not have much going for them on higher difficulties.

  • Some people use the Pistol as anti armor Zealot, it’s still a very limited ammo counter gun, and the lack of precision in Run’n’gun would not unbalance the gun.

  • Laspistols are pretty much ignored. Yet my favourite weapon of all might very well be this reward I got below on my preacher. It is my favorite gun to play with below heresy it turned out.

  • A case might also be made for autopistols, though I haven’t got to use one so much.

Adding the Run’n’Gun blessing as an intrinsic trait of these small arms → handguns would not unbalance already weaker weapons while giving a reason to use them.
Most of all, modifying these with Run’n’Gun would provide a TON of fun while not breaking balance.

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Funny thing, you can mostly do Run n’ Gun on the Heavy Laspistol. If you fire at below the maximum ROF, you can sprint and fire at the same time even without the blessing. Makes for some good fun.

Not sure I would go so much as make it the default behavior for all pistols though. Maybe make it so you lose the moving accuracy and recoil debuff and throw in being able to reload on the run too? The latter would be great for the Stub Revolver and it’s long reload time, that’s for sure, but useful for all of them.

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Nothing shameless in wanting all weapons being fun to use.

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Pardon, but almost all guns in the game are small-arms… Few debatable, but even those I think would fall on the side of small arms.

Had to run a search to see the limit where ‘small arms,’ ends, but seems the next line is ‘light weapons’ which would belt-fed machine guns or grenade launchers or flame throwers.

I know, you mean SMALL arms, but the term small arms generally is used in a military sense where ‘heavy weapons’ are the main weapons and generally more important. Heavy weapons would require a crew to set up or more often be mounted on wheels.

Small arms are generally classed as weapons one man can use, as opposed to “heavy weapons” like mortars and 20mm cannons and 120mm howitzers.

An AK-47, a massive sniper rifle, or a hold out derringer… would all be ‘small arms.’ A grenade launcher would be light weapons, as likely would the plasma gun.

Thank you, Captain Semantics, what would we do without you.



this is a good request.

Those weapons (Revolver/laspistol/autopistol) already have the “Assault” profile in some of the Lua. Currently it affects stand/moving toughness regen (which is also potentially bugged) but being able to sprint and shoot would definitely differentiate them from the other weapons.

Another one that would make sense for those weapons would be for them to count as melee weapons in close range so that it would force AI to go into melee. Again, it fits the assault profile and also a nod to the tabletop rules where pistols provide +1 attack in melee.

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Would be nice if we could dual wield with certain weapon combos.


ngl, I think the game could be vastly improved with a couple things that are talents/perks baked in.

I’d love to see run and gun as an all pistol thing. Love it if ogryn grenade boxes always went off when hitting carapace armored enemies. Even if the damage was dropped. Deflector should probably be baked into force swords, psykers are just made of glass otherwise.

and opposite of this, why are some traits even available for some weapons? Like theres the perk that increases damage as you continuously fire that I keep rolling on single round magazine weapons.

Handguns it is.