Laspistol is a joke and humiliating to use. It needs a b u f f

i had to space out the word buff cause this website won’t allow for posting on more then on topic with the word buff even if it’s a completely different weapon but the laspistol is a tragedy to even attempt to use. It relies on headshots to work right? However due to fatsharks notorious server hit reg it’s become next to useless, it’s falloff also makes it practically useless form a distance as well so it just becomes completely obsolete by the melee weapon you are carrying that doesn’t require ammo. The things biggest problem though is hat even if you finally get a server with enough latency to actually hit what you are aming at you’re going to run out of ammo faster then any other gun. Why is this laspistol that is smaller then the Mk4 lasgun able to carry less then half of the mk4’s total ammo too?

Lore-wise it sucks. If you are AdMech and use it with ballistic Mechadendrit - it gets better. But: it sucks.

Sorry, they try to keep game consistent with lore (no items sharing for you) with some exceptions (but you can share premium content).