LasPIstol & Revolver (A REAL SECONDARY)

Laspistol & Revolver and any new handguns coming in the future, should have its own slot. the game needs to feel like a shooter more, limiting a player to 1 melee & 1 ranged, it feels like vermintide with more shooty less stabby.

Adding it in slot (5) or double pressing (2) would draw up the secondary weapon would be a nice addition that allows a to feel the game is more ranged focused than now.

even playing as sharpshooter, am atleast doing 70% melee than shooting, of both ammo efficiency and how melee is better in many situations.


I agree it’d make a lot of sense lore-wise but I’m not sure it’d be worth it to have to set a sidearm for every single loadout all the time.

Both of those pistols certainly need some balance love currently:

  • Revolver should do even more damage. It’s not worthless (due to insane stagger) but should feel more viable as an actual source of damage, and currently it comes up short (ie not good enough for the very significant amount of time you’ll spend reloading).
  • Heavy Laspistols are the worst ranged weapon in the game, doing awful DPS (often dead-last, hence the nickname “Lastpistol”) against nearly every target type. They need to have at least mid-range DPS against a few more targets, and dramatically more ammo if they’re to remain a low-DPS option (and they probably should; it’s still a pistol; but at least let players spam low-DPS without hurting their team’s ammo supply)


i think it should be always available for sharpshooter.
as for zealot if carrying 1 handed melee weapons, can wield a pistol/secondary.
as for psyker, should be always there but limited to laspistol only.

I use revolver exclusively with my zealot.
This is the right gun for my playstyle for these reasons:

  • First, it has no no time to be able to shoot with it. It means that I can eliminate threats in middle of a melee.
  • Second you can stop the reload to shoot with it.
  • Third: it does enough damage to be able to kill maulers, reapers etc. Only crusher is a problem, but for them I have the axe.
  • Fourth: revolver is a critic factory. Mine has 20% chances of critic + perk +5% chances of critic + surgical strike +4% (max +20%) + crucian roulette +4% ( so last bullet has +16% chances of critic).
  • Fifth: damages are really good compared to every other weapons. Off course a bolter has better dps but the reload is longer and it is not fast to be in position to shoot when you need it.

I use my revolver in two ways. To shoot enemies far away, and in middle of a melee. With this gun i can kill with my combat axe an horde, then unholster my revolver, kill a trapper and return to my axe in no time.
I am not sure it needs to buff this weapon.
Precision: I play damnation / heresy.

For the laspistols, I would not say it doesn’t need buff. I don’t see how this gun can be useful, however I must test it with my laspistol with inferno (2).

It would be really cool if we could dual wield pistols or carry a sword in one hand and a pistol in the other.

No, but they should be balanced toward other ways (Rev: Stopping Power, Laspistol: Faster and higher crit chance/Finesse, Autopistol: Crit Chance/Finesse)

There should and most likely will be certain classes that let you use a 3rd weapon, be it melee or ranged (Like Stromtrooper with Hellgun, unless it just become a Braced Lasgun) but it shouldn’t become a game wide feature.

As for paired weapon, they should also come in the future, Melee+Ranged (Sword+Pistol), Melee+Melee (Twin Chain Axes, Sword and Shield…) and Ranged+Melee (Pistol and Power Fist), with having the ranged weapon always have an ammo count, even if they are in the Melee weapon Slot (Either taking a portion of the Ammo pick up, or just replenishing without changing the Main ranged weapon’s ammo, but limiting the max ammo count for it)

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The controls is what I think that’s blocking melee+pistol the most at this time.

You could do classic Saltzpyre rapier: M1 - Melee, M2 - Block, Special - shoot; but then you don’t have a button for the melee special, even if most of them is a bit lacklustre.

Remnant of the Ashes: M1 - Melee, Hold M2 - aim + M1- shoot, Special - melee special; but then there’s no block.

Space Marine/Ranged emphasis: M1 - shoot, M2 melee, Special - melee special; again no block.

They’ll probably want to put in a weapon special 2 keybind is my guess.

I think it’s very much possible, and the weird part is mainly on the Ammo economy (If it’s in the melee slot)

If ranged Slot (No block needed, like the Grenadier Gauntlet) but mainly Melee:

M1: Melee attack, held to heavy attack
M2: Brace/Aim
→ M1: Ranged Shot
M3: Quick/Hipfire Shot (Faster but imprecise)
R: Reload

Eg: Sword and Pistol, Grenadier Gauntlet

If ranged Slot (But block needed) but mainly Melee:

M1: Melee attack, held to heavy attack
M2: Block
→ M1: Push Attack
→ M3: Block Shot (Like how Saltz does it)
→ M3: Quick/Hipfire Shot (Faster but imprecise)
M3: Braced/Aim
→ M1: Ranged Shot
→ M2: Block (Cancel Braced/Aim)
R: Reload

Eg: Sword and Pistol

If melee Slot (Block needed) and mainly Melee:

M1: Melee attack, held to heavy attack
M2: Block
→ M1: Push Attack
→ M3: Block Shot (Like how Saltz does it)

  • M3: Quick/Hipfire Shot (Faster but imprecise)
  • M3: Braced/Aim
    → M1: Ranged Shot
    → M2: Block (Cancel Braced/Aim)
    R: Reload

Eg: Sword and Pistol

If ranged Slot (No block needed, like the Grenadier Gauntlet) but mainly Ranged:

M1: Ranged Shot
M2: Brace/Aim
→ M1: Ranged Shot
M3: Melee Strike, can be held for heavy
R: Reload

Eg: Pistol And Power Fist

You could do it via the special action button (melee) and the main action would permit to use your gun.

But either you assign the secondary action to parry, either aiming.
I would say it is more logical parrying. But it would have to be less efficient than other weapons.

Perso, i don’t think it should be a priority. However, considering the wh40k universe, and especially inquisitor representations, it would something to be great to add.
But if they don’t… I would not be disappointed

No I think they should be reworked to fill a proper niche instead of being a worse autogun or worse lasgun. There are no scenarios where I would pick a pistol over a rifle currently in the current iteration of them.

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well why not allowing us to carry 2 ranged, a secondary and a primary , feels like am in 40k , not back to the old world times, sadly Saltzpyre did carry 42 pistols, using braces of pistols, but we cant carry a primary and a secondary :smiling_face_with_tear:

Chaos Captain caries a Shotgun, Plasma Pistol and a Sword. While we the Empire true sons cant.

Perso I would have preferred to see a system like “main weapon” “side weapon”.

Main weapon for a large weapon, a rifle, a sword, a combat axe etc. OR one small weapon
Side weapon for one small weapon, combat blade, revolver etc.

Because I don’t want to babysit you, having a Melee with ranged abilities (3rd option) is more than enough

And no Chaos Captain carry either Shotgun or Plas.a gunsnotboth

melee with ranged abilities?

all i said extra ranged secondary, to use it.

no one said baby sitting, its the opposite with extra ranged weapon, you would not need to baby sit me while reloading, because switching to your secondary is faster than reloading.

Sure, but when you’re in a horde, if you can’t block and do melee damage you’re worthless

well a flamer does a job vs horde.

also sniping out or atleast staggering away elites/specials do allow CC Classes to perform better against hordes and with even less risk of failing.

if my lasgun, or bolter ran out, while still enemy specials/elites at low HP or another special in the horde, as a trapper, flamer , I would finish it off with my secondary.

100$ agree with this, but then they have to change the veterans last penance because that would be even more of a nightmare for people that haven’t done it yet XD

Revolver as standalone hand cannon:
revolver is easier to tweak, since we are lack of 2 important things

  1. Speedloader. Like IRL one. Lock it to fully emptied chamber only.
  2. Bash is a bit too weak, 'cos of you know … Heavy is good snatch - YouTube
    Else is perfect as is, don’t mind much about pairing it with chainsword or such, but such power require cybernetics to stable shots.

Shredder (autopistol)

  1. clip visual look so small, is it .22 cal?
  2. Torch is here for some reason… what was it? Why not bash or maybe throw, like axes / spears from Vt2? Cos it’s next decent idea, after empting clip)))
  3. M2 or RMB… eghh… okey.
  4. ammo pull is huge, as disappointment)))
    “of course i need special blessings and perks for my green 380 Ius Mk III Shredder Ap, but core gun is next to laspistol for heresy+ pick”

Laspistol from Accatran… give us weapon from Lucius or Kantrael. Semi-auto Accatran laser pistol is okey for newbies maybe. Concept is fully acceptable.

  1. Recoil… idk whats inside of it moving and why someone would implement striker into laser based weapon.
  2. Weak overall => terrible TTK on anything above trash horde… Asked my friend “mauler”, he said come get some => require about a clip to kill on damnation.
  3. no use without inferno blessing => bad design overall
  4. left hand is empty… oh wait. Always ready to push??? Special attack is here for some reason. Which one? Push enemies away, so you can reload your useless gun and kill another 1 or 2 and push again. I hope rest of them will wait in line, most of them are ex-military.
  5. ADS - not helping much, sight is limited due to extra lines over “glass”.

How can we fix it?
Make it unique addition to melee, as paired weapon.
Three possible candidats: Laspistol from Lucius or Kantrael, but not damn Accatran - easy to handle with one hand.
Revolver - with crazy sway and recoil after 1st shot, for balance sake.
Plasma pistol - because it’s brutal and efficient. It’s not here yet…
Semi-auto pistol from Vraks maybe, idk…

Many one handed melee weapons are already in-game: sabres, axes, swords, blades. Replace special with ranged shot, lock perks to melee, pack in upcoming class or update and sell skins for dolla-three.