Laspistol? Are you serious?

Apparently the Laspistol is a superior weapon to the Recon Lasgun in this game?

First the Eviscerator sucks and now this?

Laspistol isn’t fun and it isn’t cool. Recon Lasgun on the other hand is awesome. First time I saw a guy using it I immediately said to myself “I want that.”

So Fatshark being Fatshark you made the cool weapon suck, and you made the Poor Commissar’s Boltpistol the good weapon. It’s insane.

Add “Commisar” class, give the Laspistol to the Psyker - they are sidearms for officers that can’t afford a Boltpistol or Plasma Pistol; and the weapon fits for those types - there is no earthly reason an Imperial Guard Veteran should be running around with one when superior ranged weaponry is available, unless they’re kitted out for close combat for some reason.

Laspistol is good, but there’s no “Hotshot Lasgun?”

Ok admit it, there’s some kind of secret pact that all 40k games have to suck and you’re in on it eh Fatshark? What kind of leverage does the Illuminati have on you that you would do this to us, the 40k fans?

Laspistol. Pfff. What’s wrong with you Fatshark?

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Laspistol is good, and shouldn’t be balanced on the notion that it should be bad.

The Reccon is average/low, and should be buffed

Good to see that you can be safely ignored


i agree with you, fast firing guns lasgungs are nerfed to the max. they have way too little ammo to be of any use.

some (looking at you 1a) dont even have auto trigger which makes them unusable unless you use mods or some sort of mouse macros.

feels like these guys are balanced around mallice or some other lower diff. on end game they are useless.

i vaguely remember ppl running with infernus crit builds and that was nerfed as well, i dont see anyone uing them anymore.

there is only one rule: ppl arr having fun? nerf or lock.


See this guy gets it ^^^^

Be more like this guy.


The Reccon need to be buffed, yes, and even the Evi

But saying:

Make you just sound like a child


Cause Hotshot Lasgun are just a better Lasgun, so it’s more difficult to balance as a weapon alongside the Lasguns, and we might be seeing it as a special weapon that get used as an Ability

recon is below low. its useless, i can do more dmg with my powersworf than with that crap :wink:


You mean the Iconic 40k weapon Powersword? The Cool and completely awesome Powersword; which they also nerfed?

Yeah, having a blast with my Laspistol and “Combat Knife.”

Wooooo Space Marines eat your heart out.

Great game much recommend.


shredder is great gun btw, its megga bugged with pinning fire and blaze away, its like boltgun machine gun. staggers everything and mows everything in its path. try it if you have not :wink:

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I hear you man, but I look at that and say “that’s just an Uzi.”

I can go buy myself an Uzi in real life, I was hoping for more from a game set 40,000 years into the future.


it feels wrong, granted. recon lasgans look cool and are bigger, so they should be better right? nope, not in FS world


First day in DT? lol

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Played this since Beta. Gave up on it after a week. All my friends quit. I check back in every couple of months to see if they fixed it.

Been hearing about a lot of patches so I wanted to see what’s what - and I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

It’s been months and this is what they’ve decided.

It’s like there’s not a single person at this company that plays video games, or is into 40k.

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It’s not like they are stopping balance updates

thet did stop balance updates. look at patchnotes over months, dont fool yourself. the more ppl with conformity the worse the game gets


Only 1 single patch did not contain balance changes

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so they did stop. thank you for confirming.

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But we know that there are still going to be balance changes, heck, even VT2 get some every so often.

And we even know that there are some weapon rework in the plans

what plans? could you share link please?

For the shield rework


do you see the date on this? :wink: