Accatran MG Mk II Heavy Laspistol - The Unnecessary Nerf To Make Mk X Look Less Terrible

Accatran MG Mk II Heavy Laspistol Nerf was done only to make Kantrael Mk X Heavy Laspistol look less terrible. So now instead of 1 good weapon and one bad, we have two below average ranged options.

Mk II was a decent pick if you wanted a good mobile option vs trash shooters and light specials/elites.
Now its fire rate is so anemic I mainly use it to close the gap.

In the world of Plasma and Kickback, Fatshark in their wisdom decided to nerf the las pistol.

There, I threw a stone. Have at it.

I don’t buy into the Fatshark’s resoning provided by @FatsharkStrawHat in the patch notes. I could defo fire faster, and I never used a macro. Also if this change was done to address macro abuse, this is treating the symptom not the cause.


Steven Crowder is an idjit, consider replacing his meme with this instead

EDIT: as for the laspistol, can’t speak to it because I’ve never actually…used it.


Dunno about zealots and psykers, but they’re both fine on vet. Auric viable even. Try the A2 pistol on a Executioner’s + MF build or the K10 on a WS build. More than willing to help you theorycraft builds for them in PMs if you’re struggling to work something out with them for your vet.

This is a bit of a troll post tbh, I’m just not a fan of the lower rate of fire and Fatshark priorities. "Lets nerf a las pistol, a weapon which was good, not OP, but lets ignore overtuned by us plasma and kickback. My builds are fine for now, the new RoF makes me fall asleep tho.

I start to think this is just another META cycle to force feed players into the Brunt and Hadron casino treadmill, instead of actually trying to achieve some balance and variety. But that is just me.


Understandable, and I wouldn’t be amazed if this is the case. Seeing mostly revolvers, kickbacks, and plasma, and a C5 IAG whenever the planets align is getting old IMO too, especially in Auric. I mostly run offmeta so part of the fun is finding ways of outperforming the current meta without resorting to running a hybrid VoC build with plasma or a revolver. Sometimes it feels like I’m the only player running Agrips IAG and Helbores in my builds, lmao.

Sharpshooting is a failed design philosophy in a Horde Shooter. Change my mind.

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C5 IAG is nice for up close vet builds, I have a low threat hellbore build and VoC / Squad Lead build with Agripa IAG. Popularity is just a result of Sunday players typing in Google, Youtube and forums: “the best build for Y”.

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Meh, its fine. People really overblow this, it works if your teammates play like there’s other people in the game. Otherwise if you’re a decent player you can make it work, and when all else fails you can just run low profile + infiltrate. Issues like this, and suicidal zealot/ogryn memes are mostly a result of people failing to cover eachother.

Kickback is fine

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No h8 on the c5, i use it too. But yh, there’s very much a follow the leader effect when it comes to meta, it’s the same everywhere. It’s understandable though, not everyone’s as autistic as me and others when it comes to experimenting with weapons and builds, some folks just want to shoot stuff and relax for an evening.

Also the Mk X Laspistol is still good, even if not as good as the old las pistol. It shines when you can get consistent crit headshots.

As for the old las pistol I assume partly the reason for the nerf was how busyed it was on Gun Psyker. And it still is incredibly strong on gun psyker.

I think it has some noticeable advantages over the old laspistol on Vet at least. Reliable shooter one taps without damage boosts, and more damage per shot means more efficient stamina use for deadshot. One shots on a lot of the squishy elites and specials with Exe + Left Keystone. After experimenting with both I decided I like the new one better for Vet overall.

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I like the new one a lot more on vet as well, although I think for Zealot if you’re not running Blazing Piety the old one is better.

I need to test it more but I believe the old one is still better on Gunker than the new one, although it certainly isn’t bad.

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That is the point though, failed design philosophy. I’d rather play Cheerleader or Sly Marbo build rather than the entire left tree. Mid+Right is the most fun and effective soloQ build for me. Double stealth charges on 80%+ TGH DR? VoC build shout spamming with FT tagging? Screw headshot accuracy, plasma works just fine with body.

Vs playing for your life trying to play executioner stance in soloQ with far too little reward with way too much effort.

“We lowered the fire rate because it is a heavy las pistol not an automatic las pistol but didn’t bother to increase the damage”


You do know this is a team based PVE game, right? In context it’d be the other way around, something that makes you too independent is actually a failed design philosophy within the framework of the gameplay loop. It’s why folks constantly whinge about loner (it’s perfectly fine IMO).

So it’s bad because you don’t like it?

Not really? If you’re running a V7 HH or a K1a, K12 or, if you hate yourself, a Helbore, maybe. It can do just as well as the other two tree lines even if you go pure marksman. Though not having Iron Will is def painful, but the commando line also suffers from this and is melee focused which makes you even more vulnerable. Though I do admit that the Camo modifier node on MF is def a noob honeypot, at least IMO. Especially in Auric.

I easily hit 500k - 600k on my Exe + MF build on average, and I can do 700k to 900k if I’m carrying with either my Agrip IAG or C5 IAG. It really isn’t that hard to make the most out of a MF + Exe’s build, and relative to Infil and VoC the uptime on Exe’s can be near infinite with a good agrip, C5 or HH. Slap rending strikes, onslaught and the +10 rending node on the Keystone and you won’t even need to bother with Krak grenades, regen nades or running an anti elite CAxe with these.

Generally all you need is a decent shovel or CAxe + Regen nades or Demo team for self defense. Add to this the fact that these builds have relatively easy access to Iron Will + Relentless + Confirmed Kill + Close Order drill, and you’ll be nearly as tanky as an officer vet build without giving up too many breakpoints or utility.

It’s perfectly viable, and only requires getting sweaty if you try to run precision or low RoF weapons on them.

Plasma is fine.

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Kickback is nowhere near as strong as plasma if thats what you’re unironically implying.


Dunno man, though jury’s still out for me on it, in the right hands it (and the revolver even post hand-cannon nerf) can be nearly as oppressive as a pre-nerf psyker from what I’ve seen.

I don’t know if that’s the hill to fight on…

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