One handed guns rebalanced for mobility and suppression

No one is using a pistol out side of level 1 starter weapon and the revolver for fun buy that’s also not a great weapon compared to a rifle.

My idea is you know the catachan knife with very high sprint speed and dodge amount and distance give it to pistols.
Then also give them

Near instant swap speed (like the reverse of the flamer and bolter)

Shoot while sprinting but big accuracy problems but great suppression on the range units your shooting at.

Reload pistols while sprinting.

Special fire is the punch you get with the knife or a shove.

Much better hip fire when walking.

Much bigger ammo pool but mag size is the same.

Basically you can use it to move really fast to get into and out of combat and suppress the shooters your running towards or away from.

I know it’s probably not gonna be good on anyone but zealot but sharp shooters got loads of rifles and bolters and psykers just use staffs.

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All im saying is…we got 2 hands

I would like that to but I think a melee slot weapon with a pistol would be better for that.
A plasma pistol with a devil claw would be amazing fun.

I would like to think you can dual wield, and holster the pistol to 2-hand the melee weapon. The reload would re-charge while holstered perhaps.

yes please!

In all honesty, I enjoy the pistol as it is. It really quick to ready and packs a good punch in both damage and stagger effect. I honestly prefer to simply keep it at the ready to only pull it out to quickly ‘counter’ specials with. Using it for weaker foes is a big waste of ammo and often those on your team have better suited weapons which are more ammo efficient to be used against the auto/lasgun menaces.

You said it. The pistols are still reliant on support, which is the main issue.

I do really like the laspistol, but the handguns suffer the high difficulty you go.