Crafting system: wishes and suggestions

In my opinion, and hopefully others will agree, the crafting system should be:

1. Rewarding: putting in some work should bring compensation (keeping in mind we are playing a game, let’s not go overboard with the work). Nothing should come for free, and nothing should come by chance.

2. Versatile and comprehensive: players should be given an open array of options, and be able to create the items that they desire. The crafting system should ultimately facilitate experimentation with different builds.

3. Engaging: players should want to spend time with the crafting system because it is fun. It should not be a chore, and it should not be a mindless succesion of actions.

From what we have heard, I would say the planned crafting system doesn’t satisfy all three of these points (if any), so here is a collection of suggestions and ideas on how I would like crafting to work, based on the thre points mentioned above.

I. Item upgrades, perks and blessings

At the moment item upgrades are based on paying currency for an RNG roll with a limited chance of getting a desireable outcome. I would prefer to have this handled by an experience system, where using one class of weapons progressively allows you to implement better upgrades. I would do this based on weapon families (i.e. including all the Mk sub-variants in the same group). As you use one family of weapons you gain experience with it, and as you level that up you open up slots for higher tiers of perks and blessings. As you add perks and blessings to your weapons they automatically increase their rating (grey → green → blue → purple → orange).

Maybe something like this:

In this example, at lvl 1 you open the 1st perk slot, at lvl 3 you can upgrade that perk to second tier, at lvl 4 you get the 1st blessing, and so on and so forth.

Unlocking and upgrading each slot could cost crafting materials (or not). All perks and blessings of the appropriate tier would then become available as soon as you unlock that slot, and you should be able to swap them as you please (ideally for free, or perhaps at a very small cost).

Another option would be to unlock specific perks and blessings for a materials cost, perhaps even based on RNG, but with the ability to freely swap them around once you have unlocked them.

In the above example I suggest having about 16 levels per weapon family. This could scale similarly as character level (so it would take about 20 games to bring a weapon family from lvl 0 to maximum level). I would also add a substantial weapon experience multiplier (maybe around x2) for characters that are already at lvl 30, which would give a bit more purpose to experience curios. An experience-based crafting system would also encourage players to play on higher difficulties, while not blocking any options to those who can’t or don’t want to play them.

Note that this would be totally independent from what you can find in the shops and what you get from the Emperor’s Gift. If you get your hands on a purple item you can keep it, but you can only upgrade it past a certain point after levelling up that weapon class. Also note that I have been talking about weapons, but this could apply to curios too.

II. Stat upgrades

I think it would be good to be able to increase weapon stats. I don’t think that perfect stats or god-rolled items are needed to clear any difficulty level, but let’s be honest, it is satisfying to have 10/10. Especially if you have done some work and some planning to achieve it.

What I propose is a system by which you can combine one stat of one weapon with the same stat of another weapon.

Something along these lines:

In this example you upgrade the Cleave Damage of Item 1 by combining it with Item 2. The latter will be destroyed, and the rest of the stats will remain untouched. This process could cost some ammount of crafting resources. The final value would not be that of Item 2, but rather a weighted mean between both values, so the system will have diminishing returns. Repeating this process enough times, however, will allow you to have max stats in all categories.

III. Materials harvesting from items

I think other than selling an item in the shop we should be able to have it disassembled to generate a (small-ish) amount of crafting materials, based on the perk and blessing tiers of the disassembled item. This would introduce a way by which standard currency can be converted into crafting materials (and therefore make it useful for those who already don’t know what to do with it). The conversion ratio should be quite unfavourable, though.


The way I see it it all comes down to the three points I mentioned at the beginning. The crafting system (and any other system, for that matter) should be rewarding, versatile and engaging, and the current RNG implementations are anything but.

I am aware that Fatshark will have their own plans and ideas for the crafting system, and I have zero hopes that any of this will get implemented as presented. However, I do hope that a little bit of constructive criticism may inspire them to align their design intentions with the player wishes. These are just my wishes, though.


Being able to upgrade the stats on weapons would go a long way toward making this game a lot more motivating to play.

Right now simply knowing that there will be more powerful weapons in the future because we’re capped at 80% kind of puts a big crimp in my motivation to try and get perfect gear.

Really the core of the crafting system should be “Take the best parts of many different pieces of equipment and combine them into your perfect piece of equipment.”


This needs more eyes on !!

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This is way too smart, functional, rewarding and sensible. It will never see the light of day.


Great Job


To make the crafting system actually feel good and rewarding, i think it is important for players to :

  • gain power through successfully finishing missions (not by being lucky when opening the rng store)
  • have agency over what exactly is being improved (minimal to no rng)
  • be able to maximize the stats of any given item, if enough effort is put in
  • require success in higher difficulty missions, in oder to fully maximize a weapon‘s potential
  • let players toy around with multiple different options

I think that the suggestions by OP (or even the system we have in game right now) are completely fine for the early game (leveling to 30 and playing difficulty 1-3). However, we need a better system to follow, in order to keep people playing and to have rewards for playing, once our character is leveled to 30.

I suggest a new currency that is obtained from diff 4 and 5 missions upon successful completion, which allows players to upgrade and modify their gear without involvement of RNG.

For example:
Upgrade tokens obtained from each successfully cleared heresy (diff 4) mission:

  • can be used to increase item stats to 80% (all stats can be boosted to 80% one by one, 5 % per token)
  • change perks and blessings to any lvl 3 bonus of choice (selected from a list without rng roll, no limitations to how often it can be done per item, no perks/blessings get locked)

Upgrade tokens obtained from each successfully cleared damnation (diff 5) mission:

  • used to increase item stats to 100% (all stats can be boosted to 100% one by one, 5% per token)
  • change perks and blessings to any lvl 4 bonus of choice (same as above)

This system would allow you to keep using any beloved weapon you already have and slowly turn it into a full 100% stat beast wih 2 max lvl perks of choice and 2 max lvl blessings of choice. You could also swap around your perks and blessings in order to test out different builds.
Assuming the item starts with all 5 stats at 70%, 2 unwanted perk and 2 unwanted blessing, it would take

  • 5x2 + 2 + 2 = 12 heresy missions to get. All 80% with lvl3 perks and blessings of choice
  • 5x4 + 2 + 2 = 24 damnation missions to maximze (after heresy upgrades are done)

With just over 30min per successful mission, maximizing one item would take around 20 hours (assuming 100% success rate), and every single successfully cleared heresy/damnation mission would actually increase your power slightly.
That is 40+ hours of rewarding grind per class, for just one set of weapons.

Adding this would create hours upon hours of rewarding grind towards a clear goal, with 100% player agency and absolutely no annoying rng.

FS could even add a special shiny skin (like Vermintide 2 red weapon skins) as unlock for when an item is fully „perfected“ (or a weapon glow for a separate slot, so that it does not interfere with weapon skin sales).
Hell, put the token upgrade vendor next to the cash skin shop. That way we do not only walk past that thing once every hour, when checking the weapon store, but once after every single successful mission.

Could even add an extra skin, portrait frame or something similar for each class, which is unlocked once a maxed version of all class exclusive weapons is obtained.


I agree with most of what you have said, but I have a little but. Certainly, if a system like what you proposed was to be implemented, I wouldn’t be against it. But this is only because I can successfully complete heresy and damnation missions (granted, not 100% of the time).

I am not categorically opposed to having to play higher difficulties to get certain rewards, but I would much prefer if it was an incentive rather than an imposition. Not everyone can clear damnation, but everyone wants 100% items. If you make it achievable on any difficulty level, but make it meaningfully easier and faster to achieve on higher difficulties nobody looses and everyone is happy.


There could also be a malice (diff 3) token, to pick lvl 2 perks and blessings (with a small chance to turn out as lvl 3 perks and blessings) and upgrade all stats to 70.

Adding the option to attempt a „heresy upgrade“ with malice tokens, but instead of the upgrade being a guaranteed success, it would have rng involved (10% success chance for example) would allow weaker players to still grind towards that goal.
Same thing could be done to enable the use of heresy tokens for a „damnation upgrade“.

That way, playing on malice difficulty would still allow to customize perks and blessings as well as slow power progression (i think it should be limited and quite slow because malice diff is incredibly easy).
An active malice player would be able to get a weapon that is better than anything you could get from the rng store (all stats 80% and fully selected lvl 3 perks and blessings).
Playing on higher difficulty would make that goal much easier to achieve, as well as surpassing it.

I think there should be a limit to how far you can upgrade your items with just playing low difficulty, because the game becomes easier the stronger the weapon gets. At some point, people should at least be able to clear heresy, if they want to gain more power.

I’m simply thinking of how they described blessing.
You get a blessing by destroying a item with that blessing then level up the blessing by combining it with another of the same rank and then stick it on your preferred weapon.

I’m thinking if that’s the system we should be able to have as many blessing on one weapon as we want BUT only 2 active blessings.
Would let you use your good stat weapon but you could have 4 different blessings on that one weapon then activate the ones you want for certain builds.

To me it does not really sound like that is what they mean at all.
Do you really think that this is sommething FS would do after they allow us to reroll ONE of the perks?

I think it is more likely that we just have our 2 blessing slots and applying a new one requires to delete an old one.
And if we still check the rng store and get a lucky upgrade one day, we can take off one of the blessings from our previously used weapon to put on the new one, while the 2nd blessing from the previously used weapon will be lost.

Tbh I think if the crafting system to rng focused I will just try and mod or cheat once I want to try my certain builds or just drop the game because I can’t swap up my play style without x blessing on x weapon I don’t have.

Your right though it’s gonna be probably pretty bad and feel like we got no control.

Still I play games for fun so if I stop having fun I just drop the game and variety in playstyle is important.

This. I reckon the lead designer would discard the idea out of sheer spite, as it was not his own. I hope you’re reading this, Magnuson.


Far better than what we have and is planned for crafting
Sadly I agree, its unlikely we will see this kind of change happening


Have faith that the emperor hears your prayers.


Underappreciated thread


Yeah, for sure. This is basically my dream for crafting too.

I like the idea of actually USING a weapon class and gaining experience with it translating into unlocking the various crafting options - and then paying resources to actually implement those changes onto a specific weapon.

Something like the OPs suggestion would be amazing. But sadly I doubt it will ever happen :frowning: Sniff.


Hey, now… Maybe this topic was just overlooked. CatFish said she will pas it to the brass. Hold the line!

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