Weekly map with secondary objectivs needs a change

So, I’ve tried to get 6 missions this week, 6! Only 6 missions with the secondary objectives cleared, and it’s impossible due to the BS randomized maps! Over the entire week, I’ve seen the mission I need about 10 times, 5 with a secondary objective, and when I ran them people failed to find books.
Yes, I know I could reroll the mission, but no! Because the reroll gets stuck on 7500 so I’m unable to actually reroll it. The mission just never appears on the list and when it does, it doesn’t have secondary objectives! This makes me miss the weekly objectives and the weekly bonus due to the BS RNG this game has!

So, either change the objective to just clear a specific mission, say 10 times, that would be fine, not fun due to the extreme randomness of the missions but it would be fine, OR let me spend Ordos to actually pay to start a specific mission with secondary objectives! Currently, Ordos are pointless, it serves no function for the end game, this might change with the updates of the crafting system, but I’m sitting there with almost 1mil ordos and have nothing to spend them on, let us pick missions ourselves and let the RNG just affect the global conditions.

And so I know that someone probably will look at this and say something like “If we could pick missions people would just play the same, fastest mission to farm” Ok, perhaps, but first of all, what if they would do that? What harm would that do? And next, you can just add a stacking debuff if you pick the same mission over and over again, something like 10% less reward every time you pick your own mission that’s not currently on the list or something to that effect.


I totally agree. (And I apologiese for keeping linking to this post on every new thread about this topic, but there’s a neat feature of the forums that shows from what posts there’s a link to another post, and I want to see how long a list I can make.)

yeah the same… I have like 5/6 & yesterday they didnt spawn any silo maps for me wghen i went from work & played like for 6 hours there was none… & today i ghave a 3-4 usually but non have secondary objectives… or like 3 times i can go for Damnation & grims… yeah … try finding decent team for damnation first then try finding grims & not get kicked or wiped with 2 of those… low chances.

The main issue is REPAIR THE REROLL SYSTEM TO NOT BUG after 3-4 reroll’s … got 2 weeks[2000+500 for those 2 task less] screwed by this…

As always… buged as ever… at least game is stable now but to much bugs make it bad experience to play. As well as this not shared resources & ordos… stupid ide from start.

Still 2 hours to find the map with secondary objective… yeah random maps with random things… FU. Siting in mornigastar & looking at map refreshes to not miss the “one” feel’s bad.

I feel like fatshark needs to identify whichever employee decided to put so many layers upon layers of RNG in this game, and lock their access to food and water behind layers and layers of RNG. Want that sandwich? Sorry, today’s date isn’t a tuesday that’s also a day of the month that’s a prime number.

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Yes, it stops at 7500, I honestly think (and I’m being nice here) that it’s a mistake, you are only allowed to reroll a set number of times, and they forgot to add the counter or grey out the button when you’ve rerolled a set number of times, but COME ON! A first-year programming student would be able to add that in less than 1h! I mean overall, I can understand overlooked things, but with FS it’s not one, it’s not two, it’s half of all systems that are not looked at before release. The lack of quality assurance is staggering… and it’s not a new issue, it feels like one person comes up with a system and NO ONE dares to question him and they just add it.

Just look at the reward system (a bit off topic I know but still), I got a 502 rating Bolt Gun on a sedition (rank 1) mission! I’ve not gotten ANY reward higher than 450 on Damnation!

I can agree with a lot of complaints about the chests in V2, but now we have a worse system where you have NO control over increasing your chances of rewards (like 2 grims, 3 books runs in V2). Now we get a chest 50% of the time, but at least we don’t have to open it, but the result is the same! And since the rating doesn’t seem to be set (like in V2) depending on your current rating level you can still get orange items that have ratings of 420 (SHUT UP) even if you have close to 500 overall ratings.

If FS wants help with their project management they can just give me a call, I’ve been working with IT and development companies for close to 10 years, and I’ve never seen any other company make so many mistakes with their patch releases I’m actually not mad, I’m impressed that they’ve learned so little since the release of the first vermintide game.