Melk requisitorium : about secondary objective

I do have a mission on Melk requisitorum about completing 6 times the secondary objective on the Silo map.
But the silo mission with secondary objective just appears too rarely.
Please just give up that kind of mission… I just spent 1 hour waiting on hub for it, without success…
Right now 5/6 for this one and everything else completed, but can’t spent hours idling just for the right one to pop…
Also, couldn’t change to another mission, not sure if bug or limited to a few switch.

yeah the same here xD 5/6 xD was playing like straight for 5-6 hours but only fev times Silo map appeared[like 3-4] but without the secondary objectives on it… maybe it’s because today is a bad day for it to appear?

The same with rerolls from 7,5k reroll it just bugs off :stuck_out_tongue: & dont refreshes any quest that is selected to reroll :stuck_out_tongue:
still one day to mayby lucky get that map with secondaries.

AHhh btw. sometimes books spawn is buged[in textures of shelf’s etc.] or they probably don’t appear anywhere… grabbing 2/3 dont count as completing the secondaries… the same goes if you get only 1 grimuar… that is just sad. Especially if the thing responsible for it is game bug… Yes random p,laces for books is fun but not fun when it is working incorrect. Maybe make the spawns for those things static for the time being & make it again a random fev spots when you patch this up.

It’s not a bug, we are apparently limited to 3/4 rerolls maximum but the UI does not tell us this. Plus i’m in the same boat, got one for “Hab Dreyko” and i’m stuck cause i havent seen that map with Secondary objectives come up yet excepts on Damnation which i have no hope of completing.

Imo they should just make it a generic “complete x number of secondary objectives on any map” rather than this specific mess that got for us. I mean we already got it for scrips and grims, why does secondary objectives have to be map specific. In fact i can even live with it if they increased the completion requirement but let us do it on any map.