Requisition: Chasm Logistratum with Secondary Objectives

Any one else struggling to completed the Requisition “Chasm Logistratum - complete secondary objectives”?

  • It’s only a chance that the Chasm Logistratum map spawns as an option in the mission screen, and it’s an even less chance that it spawns with a secondary objective. I’ve gone hours without seeing it spawn with a secondary, and that’s as a player who plays for a couple hours daily (work from home).
  • If you’re lucky enough to get it to spawn there’s a 2 in 5 chance that it’ll spawn at a level 4 or 5 difficulty, which as a beta player I can run but it’s very hard to complete with all secondary objectives and almost impossible for a new launch player to even complete.
  • If you get that small chance that it spawns, with a secondary objective, at a level you can complete, it still requires you to find all the secondary objectives and count on your teammates to not die while carrying them. You could be waiting for hours to finally get the map for the req, get most of the way through it, and then have a teammate carrying an objective die because they ran off - or worse, disconnected. That’s assuming you were able to find all the secondaries.

I’ve tried to replace it with another req, but apparently there’s a limit to how many you can swap out because it’s no longer letting me buy my way to a different one (I swapped it around 3 or so times seeing what other reqs were added at launch). Even past that, we shouldn’t have a req that basically everyone will want to replace due to so many factors the player can’t control. Can we get a way that map spawns more often - or even added as an extra option if you have the req? I’m sure I’m not the only player who might miss out on the extra 1,000 bonus for completing all reqs this week due to a map that I can’t get to spawn. Anyone who has ways to handle this req better please let me know!

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