Weekly Event Tzeentchian Twins is too grindy

The Tzeentchian Twins weekly event is interesting, but I feel like the number of splits makes the event a slog and boring. I played three matches on Legend with a competent team and it wasn’t particularly difficult, just very long and I found myself yawning and counting down the minutes until the end of the level. The team needed to complete it 6 times but we got half way and couldn’t be convinced to run it three more times that night.

Rather than have every single enemy split, I think the event should be adjusted either in limiting the number of splits (e.g., an enemy can split only once but into three units) or having only elites and specials split (e.g. clan or slave rats or marauders should not split). Having a rat split into slaves isn’t a new and compelling obstacle. It’s the same enemy with just more health.

Some of the mutators introduced unorthodox and very interesting challenges (no HUD is one of my favorites), Twins is not one of them - short of just making everything take significantly longer and using the exact same approach you always do.


Please don’t change the one weekly event that doesn’t make me want to facedesk. Spawning into the event where you have to be close to your allies and instantly dying needs fixing long before anything to do with Tzeentch twins.


This is seriously my favorite event… I know it’s longer than a normal run, but the potential for a hilarious chaos is great.


Sounds like every Cata map I’ve ever played…

Second best mutator, and you says is bad, whats wrong with you. Did Sigmar left you ?


This isn’t an issue with the mod itself I think me and plenty of other players have been quite vocal about it being one of the more enjoyable map edits.

The problem lies in that it is part of a weekly quest, it and frankly far worse events are being pressed on the players. Twins is great and super fun when players opt into it, and a grind when they pull this weekly (Especially if its in conjunction with QP weekly, which these should totally count towards).

I’ll say it again and will continue to say it. Winds, Event mods , and Deed mods all need to be put into a deeds overhaul with better accessibility. Not every player likes all of the mods but most players like some and giving them the freedom to access them should be system worth developing. Because every time Fatshark comes up with a new level mod, event mod, wind, whatever if the infrastructure to access them is already there than players can choose to, or not to engage with whichever ones they feel cater to the game experience they are looking for.


I never said it was outright bad, just a little too grindy. I feel like the suggested tweaks would keep the personality of the event while paring it down slightly to just the parts that are the most interesting and fun. That way you get more of, say, the wacky chaos and less of the “I’m just mopping up that one special that spawned before we’re able to continue moving on”.

Maybe. But the tactical decision of “I need to watch out not to kill this one because of the mess it’ll balloon into.” kinda adds to the gameplay for me. Normally the best course of action is often to kill stuff fast if you can, before it comes a problem. Now you need to take into consideration if the mess caused by killing it weighs up to the mess the threath makes by itself. Adds a dimension of tactical decision making gameplay that I like (once in a while, for a refreshing change).

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Try to kill Lootrats they have double the Goodies in Twins.


Yeah but I like the twins in part because it is that “all the things, and the bigger the things the more things they make”. Its subjective of course to each their own. But in this case I think what would be better since most people tend to like the mod is to make it an option rather than a requirement. Weekly shillings being the only source of a very limited and probably soon to be valued (the cosmetic additions need to be good for this content drop) resource it can come off as feeling mandatory.

So my inclination here is to point this out as a flaw with the weekly system rather than the mod.

Edit: Especially since this mod increases the amount of enemies encountered in a map. If it was optional, opting in might be preferable if the quest was something that was based on combat (headshots, elites). But that’s another thread (though hopefully somewhat related)>


Tzeench is the best weekly and with vanguard it’s just awesome. We played this week almost just this with twitch mode 15/5 200%.

The system is pure shaite, you get 50 schillings for 3 and 6 weekly as well. This must be changed, not the event.

If you don’t like it, just don’t play the event like we don’t play the darkness of heresy and comradeship nonsenses.

The game designer(s) really needs to think about adding some fix loots for kind of weekly events, a commoners vault without twitch is a bit little for people who are after items, but enjoying the game in the same time.


It’s definitely my favorite event but if you don’t want to do it then you have two choices.

1.) Play it on a lower difficulty and rush through it
2.) Choose not to play it

The weekly event where you have to carry a statue or everyone dies, I didn’t do that one even though I had a quest that week to complete 10 of them. Sometimes you have to make a choice. Is it worth 50 shillings to you? If not, don’t do it.


Did they add that back in; last one I killed (on Cata) spawned zero twins.

On legend yes, Rasknitt spawned two loot rats, one of our group thought to himself it was too easy up until then… then we had a boss fight after the boss fight.

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I love Tzeentchian Twins, personally. It’s one of the three that I like, along with the bomb rats and no hud.

It’s not for everyone, though.

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Loot Rats spawn 2x monsters.

Killed a looter in a tunnel only to have the tunnel filled by 2x chaos spawns. Welp.

Stopped playing the weekly event after that. Just not worth it.

Then just don’t kill the lootrat if it will result in trouble? I kind of like how this mod punishes berserker-style-trigger-happy-kill-everything-as-soon-as-you-see-it-those-green-circles-are-MINE! type of gameplay, and makes you be more deliberate in your actions. Great lesson for getting better in the game overall and learning to solve “oh crap” situations in other gamemodes, actually.

And having the option to summon such an “oh crap” situation by killing a lootrat is hilarious as well. I fondly remember when this mod was introduced, and we killed a lootrat for the very first time. I was literally laughing out loud over what happened next. Sure got us good there, Fatshark. The feeling of “should have seen that coming…” was overwhelming. Whoever designed that one must have had sooooo much fun doing that.

And I thought lootrats always spawned Ogres, not random monsters? Or did they change that?

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Right, just…haven’t seen that on Cata recently.

Knowing FS, they will ignore all the bashing on the other trashy weekly events, but thanks to this one thread, they will certainly tweak the only one that’s good, because 2 people complained about it…

I very much doubt they have any plans to change the event itself.

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