Make Tzeentchian twins event permanent each week with different modifiers in addition some times

this is the most fun event, but it only last for one week. make it permanent, and add another modifier on top of it every other week.


Most of the other modifiers are terrible (Curse of comradeship, suicide rats, exploding statue, the insta-elevelator death one). They should just eliminate the Weekly event and replace it with a weekly deed or weekly Twitch game - they are far more fun.

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I can’t agree with it, but it would be fun to be able to choose our modifier

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unfortunately it will likely not happen.

I agree, this and the no UI events are the only ones I enjoy and coming from MMORPGs I enjoy longer fights and less running around.

I disagree with adding other modifiers in addition, most wouldn’t want the double challenge and I personally wouldn’t want to have to bother with BS like carrying a statue in the middle of it all.

I say add the event modifiers as an additional, optional setting to custom games.
That way people who want to mix them up even more could enable Twitch mode on top of their modifier of choice.


Suicide Rats gimme the Giggles every time, they are so much Fun to Listen and Shoot!
I go on and ignore that comment now ^^

Yeah it’s by far the best event out of all of them, i wish there was another event in a similar vein to twins, that just added around 2x or 6x times more enemies. I want to fight an actual never ending horde. Maybe it’s just me, but that’s when i have the most fun

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