Twitch Mode should be the Weekly Event

I almost always play Twitch mode now, with the item blessings removed ,disable weekly events,and 200% spawns, minimum timer I can do in the settings (15, and 5 I think) and I then host a custom match.

Whoever joins has an ABSOLUTE RIOT of plain simple fun. Battering through things with the boon of speed, savaging double bosses, picking off 6 leeches one by one with cool shots and dodging 3 hook rats etc. It’s often the times I hear people just laughing down the mic with simple glee from having so much fun. Seeing about 30 plague monks running down the hill from the oak tree in Against the Grain is actually fear-inducing stuff. Victory is never guaranteed and the moments when something cool happens are so much more frequent. Opening the barn door on Against the Grain this evening we had a Troll and 20+ Chaos Warriors pile out. Such a great scene. I’ve never had so much fun losing a run either.

EVERY TIME I host Twitch, I get immediate friends requests from Randoms who join purely because they want to play it more often.

Twitch modifiers in some form should be the weekly event. If I was in control I’d have the settings as above, pick a map then kick it off.

Give players an extra chest for getting 20 dice or something.

It’s too good fun to keep hidden from the community at large so I really suggest you get rid of the things like Darkness or Carrying the Statue of Death. Put those in Deeds or something.

People LOVE Twitch mode, it needs to be dragged into the light.


Twitch mode is a lot of fun, not gonna argue that. But i also like the dark mode and tzeentchian twins… But yes, statue of death and that stupid ‘stay close together’ can get out of here.

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Tzeentch Twins and the Darkness could still be in there because they don’t instantly kill you when yo arrive as a joiner, but the “Stay close together” when you join miles away and instantly die is awful.

@ArkBlanc I’m interested as to why you’d say a flat no? I posted because in my experience people have a blast and thoroughly enjoy it?

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Because I shouldn’t be told nor expected to expose my username, playstyle or skill on twitch and risk becoming a laughing stock or otherwise just because you had a blast.
Twitch mode should be an optional side gig, not an essential if you want all your daily/weekly loot.

Ahh ok I think I need to clear something up. You can enable twitch mode without streaming anything or displaying anything to anyone. I don’t stream any of my runs, just use the mode to enjoy the randomness.

I put in any 24hour music stream to connect to and it just uses the Twitch system to give the random effects and spawns. Streaming isn’t necessary.


That some of the Weekly Event modifiers are …… questionable …… is right. But the goal should be to rework the Weekly Event modifiers then to get them in a better place. Or the Weekly Event could be used for some kind of event missions like a defense mission for Fort Brachsenbrücke. Or it could be used as some sort of promotional mode for the DLC’s where every four weeks you have one of the DLC missions or a Weave for non-DLC owners.

There are many possibilities what to do with the Weekly Event but an absolute no to Twitch Mode. That should stay it’s own thing. It is boring as half of the threats you encounter are told to you by the voting box and the only problem is if you get two or more bosses which removes freedom of choice for career selection since it highly recommands at least one boss slayer. Which makes the mode also an imbalanced mess.

In fact, I would welcome (and already asked in the past) it if we could get some damn marker in the lobby browser that a game is in Twitch mode. If I open the Cataclysm tab in the lobby browser the Twitch games are also listed there but without chance for me to recognize them, just to be joining and being annoyed.

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You don’t actually have to be on twitch or stream yourself. As far as I know, you can literally use any streamers name, type it in and you’ll be in twitch mode. No one will be watching you and the votes become randomly picked.


You can, and I have in the past, but it’s pretty unclear and I get why they wouldn’t want to push it on people who have no idea that’s the case. Just having a “run without stream” option would be cool though.


Fear not, no one watches Vermintide streams


100%, I support this. I don’t think anyone would argue against it, either!

Every weekly event is an imbalanced mess. You ever killed a Sack-Rat on Tzeenchian Twins? Same issue. The difference in Twitch mode is that you also get buffs; the weekly events aren’t meant to be balanced and, moreover, neither is Twitch mode. They’re supposed to be challenges that are fun, exciting, and weird!

This argument goes both ways. Keeping Twitch separate because you don’t want to have to play it to get loot is, “I do not want to play this specific mode to get loot.” I imagine every weekly event has a small-to-large group of people who say “I do not want to play this specific mode to get loot.” It’s equally easy to say that your favorite mode should be removed and made separate but Twitch should be made standard.

That being said, it doesn’t seem to be different from a weekly event in the first place other than the fact that we can run it whenever we want.

This all being said, I don’t particularly care whether Twitch is added as a Weekly Event or not, simply that I don’t see a lot of sense in the arguments against it. If it makes people happy, why not advertise it as a mode? I loathe playing weekly events in most cases but that doesn’t mean other people can’t enjoy them :slight_smile:

@LordGiggles also fields an excellent side-option and would, likely, be how a Weekly Event version of Twitch mode would need to be run.

Twitch, however… does put a smile to my face.