Tzeenchian Twins Feedback - enemies need an attack cooldown window on spawn


The new mutator is VERY cool, but the biggest issue with it other than crashing is that there is no significant cooldown window for enemies when they spawn in. This has been an issue with the normal game, as I’m sure many of us have seen playing twitch mode or even the normal game on rare occasions when an enemy spawns and attacks within half a second. This issue is compounded with Tzeenchian Twins because the number of enemies spawning in right in front of you is obviously huge. The net effect is that you have enemies spawning in and immediately attacking you before you even finish your attack animation.

Even just a half second longer delay on being able to attack when spawning in would help this issue. Considering that enemies are not supposed to spawn right next to you in the normal game, I don’t think this could lead to exploitation.

Thank you!


I second this.

Yes, they more often than not spawn with half of the attack animation already played.

I just wanted to open a topic like this xD
E.g. Boss despawned into hook rats, which instantly grabbed two of our players, no chance.
Apart from that, awesome new mutator xD So much fun rofl.
Also our loot rat despawned into two rat orgres nice xD


I haven’t played this mutator yet, and it sounded rather boring because I expected it’d just be stuff like ratling gunners splitting into two skavenslaves, but hearing fappin’s post makes me super excited to play. I really hope they retain these kind of split-spawns.

the mutation is really nice, tbh i didnt feel like enemys need an attack cooldown window
all that is required is paying more attention what you slaughter.
example a gasrat turns into something that might hit you very hard once your aware of that, you simply dont pop the gasrat right infront of you and your golden


Do the Tzeenchian Twins event doesn´t give a reward, right?

Well at least for me, it’s not boring xD
Specials usually despawn into something like berserkers or elites. And so on. And due to the fact, that it is never disabled, like the “vangurad” thing is deactivated during hordes, things can get out of control sometimes :smiley:

…and NEVER kill the sackrat.

… ALWAYS kill the sackrat
Definetely worf the loot. 11/10, would kill again


BTW. there is any reward for finishing weekly chellenge?

Didn’t get one, I think. But you can repeat it as often as you like, it seems :smiley:

well i look at it in a simple way, the reward for doing the weekly challege is the challenge itself

giving me something to do, while i am out of deeds other then falling alseep during normal qp
which latley is only challegening when the rest of your team has absolut no idea how to play the game
and its not a fun challege, more like a boring task to guide 3 headles chickens to the finishline
(and no i dont tell them that, im kind enough to keep that to myself most of the time)

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Yeah there needs to be some kind of delay. Currently it makes slow weapons like 2h hammer obsolete because the moment you kill an enemy the two spawned enemies will hit you before you can attack again or block.

Thx for answer. For me - meh.

Just had a chance to try this mode. It’s pure chaos and the rat ogres split into hook rats, followed by stormvermin. I’m loving it so far. It also gets a thumbs up from the friends I’m playing with, I don’t think they’re on this forum. Can’t wait to see the next weeks mutator.

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I have two problems with this (beyond the swing issue mentioned by OP)

Minor Problem : the spawning of berserkers or hookrats leads to some damage/incaps that cannot be intelligently avoided by melee focused combat. With the temp health rebalancing, the devs made this melee focused, but this mechanic makes said focus a liability when dispatching serious threats. Both berserkers and hookrats represent problems where players need to be aware of them and plan ahead; spawning them in front of us means either we can’t plan ahead… or the game isn’t melee focused.

Major Problem : the game feels slowed down. Movement forward takes longer. There is zero pleasure in sniping because rather than executing a threat you’re just creating little problems. Also, you kinda broke play with weapons oriented towards elite clearance (e.g. crowbill) which are no longer viable because crowd control is now mandatory… and not even in an interesting way. You can harvest tons of temp health, but most of it is boring to earn because your just swinging at the same exact space rather than adjusting to the flows of a river.

I might check this out after a rebalance, but I lost interest in this real quick.

For the record, I’ve just been messing around on champion with this one.

It’s amazing. Every single thing you fight is a real commitment and it never stops until you’re in the bubble. I can’t wait to see the next one.

@junglejollies They’re not all going to be like this one. Next week’s might be all ranged all the time.

Edit: It does crash a lot when I host though.

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I’m pretty sure they mentioned that these weeklies are meant to be a greater challenge. In this particular one certain enemies need to be dealt with very carefully and you’ll want to use weapons that can handle both density and elites. You have to rethink your tactics and reprioritise your threat assessment, which is what makes the mutator fun and challenging.

Ps. enemies have reduced health so different weapon choices can be favourable ds.

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this is a total bull needs to be gone

the other thing monks are problem with this mod. who spawn it? warpfire? get rekt by 2 monks and explosion

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