Weekly 25 missions is too many missions

Let’s say you have 2 players you want to do your weekly with : 50 missions.
7 missions played a day.
2h-2h30 minutes per day.

From experience : re roll that contract out.


It’s also 435 currency reward for a whole lot of nolifing, when for example, killing 1000 Scabs with ranged takes barely a few missions and rewards 530

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I agree that 25 missions is way too many. A lot of the people who play this game have a large chunk of their day spoken for already - adults have jobs (which generate the money necessary to buy video games), youths will often have classes (or jobs).

Making a target that is so difficult to meet when trying to fit game time around daily life does not make someone want to play more; it makes them feel like they cannot possibly succeed at the things that the game clearly assumes they can do - so they should stop trying. Hopelessness discourages play - so I believe this will lead to people investing even less time in the game than if the target was something more easily achievable when planning around a working week.


Got a chuckle out of that. Did they really in all honesty implement a “Complete 25 missions” weekly quest?

It would be funny if it wasn’t sad.

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Agreed, its too much for too little reward.

Yeah. I can’t even complete that this week. I should’ve re-rolled it. It’s very long.

Same for scriptures pretty much.

25 is hell ; 12 is reasonable.

All praise the Omnissiah !

The contracts were changed to 15 missions 12 scriptures but half payout.

Agreed. I just reroll everything to kill missions now. I don’t hesitate to reroll for even a second to get rid of completing submissions or collecting scriptures or grimoires. I’m here to kill heretics, not stress about hunting down items that won’t even count towards your progress if you fail.

I’m lucky to work from home, which means I get to play a lot. The problem with “complete 25 missions” is that for the game to be enjoyable for me I have to run heresy and have multiple characters. Then something goes wrong in the final segment of the round, and you wipe. It feels like a waste of time, even if you enjoyed the match up until that defeat. No thanks.

FYI it wasn’t actually changed, there’s just two versions. 25 missions gives a higher payout, 15 missions gives a lower payout. That goes for every other contract as well.


I don’t like it either; however, my big issue is when the mission doesn’t count!

And now imagine if the quest bugged at the last three. No thanks.