Reduce weekly missions amounts

Hey all,

I’m a new father, and completing 25 missions a week is too much to ask. I find I’m just barely completing this requirement on Saturday afternoon (with a little family neglect). The other objectives are MUCH faster.

Would it be possible to implement a tier system? 15/20/25 missions but you get the weekly completion with just getting fifteen and increased currency with 20, 25 etc. Or allow us to earn the 1000 extra with 4/5 done. Scriptures are too numerous as well but that’s easier since you can get multiple per mission obviously.

I love this game and would like to level all the characters but it’s just not feasible if I don’t want to miss out on the bonus currency per week.


As much as I love it, this game is grindier than Final Fantasy XIV in its current state.

In a community stream fatshark stated they want EVERYONE to experience and play the game. I guess they didn’t include people with jobs, a family, friends or any real social duties in that statement. Tough luck for us then i guess

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