Remove Weekly Completion Bonus + Boost Each Weekly Mission

I have a grudge against the significance of completing ALL weekly missions for what makes up a “reasonable” reward I feel for the amount of effort asked.

Considering how aggressive the Weeklies (and overly specific in some cases) in terms of grind, and achievability for some players with limited time, I feel like putting pressure to suffer through ALL the presented (and re-rolled) missions is still painful, and was NOT something in Vermintide 2 (which I felt handled it very well… in fact in VT2 it let daily & weeklies that were partially competed carry forward to later weeks instead of being wiped clean at the end of the week)

My ask, at minimum, if not just to go to a Vermintide 2 system entirely, is to REMOVE the +1000 bonus to completing all 5 Weekly missions, and add +200 reward to every Mission … such that you still net the same ‘relative’ reward scale as you would on full completion, but gained to whatever missions you actually have time for/enjoy to complete … but not being penalized because “Hab Drayco Sec. 11-26-42 with Sub Objectives” simply didn’t spawn enough during your game hours.

Comment if you agree ;/


Yes, ideally that’d be nice, it’d also be nice to be able to change the weekly you get as much as you’d like, instead of getting capped out. Still unsure if that’s a bug or not.

But, it seems like FOMO is a strategy they like to use as a live service.

Agreed, at the bare minimum they need to get rid of the weekly bonus and add it to the contracts. Lots of other things but yeah, at least that.

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considering the absolute trash Sire Melk has in his store 99% of the time, it should be no way near as hard to get currency for him as it is.

The only thing I can see Sire Melk’s store ever having a use for is buying weapons with blessings you want to extract.

Its a shame its taken them so friggin long to add blessing customisation into the game everyone already has a bajillion copies of all the blessings they want from the armoury’s trash making him just useless