Weaves - Ult weapons should have weave-forged skins

Title - for coherence, lore-wise, ult weapons should have a weave-forged skins.Just in case by ult weapons I mean the weapons that are used to cast a career skill (ie the BH’s gun, the Waywatcher’s trueflight bow, the engineer’s crank gun, the Grail Knight’s Sword…).

If my memory serves me right, the in-lore reason why we need weave forged weapons is that, this way our weapons would be able to collect essence from our kills.

I was playing a few rounds of weaves the other day as engineer and couldn’t help but notice thatthe crank gun had his regular skin (since you use it so much as engineer, this was a lot more noticeable than the other career skill weapons). Anyway, this felt a bit out of place. Moreover, I love how weave forged weapons look and I’d love to see weave forged versions of these weapons! I know this is nothing urgent but a nice addition for the future :stuck_out_tongue:

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