Weaves need a quick restart button

The amount of time between dying and getting back at the start of the level takes longer than necessary.

Die -> defeat screen -> XP gaining -> loading back to the keep -> voting to retry the level -> loading into the level.

It becomes kinda annoying later on when weaves become so hard that you die a lot. I’d like to see some quick restart button for the host or some kind of voting system for it instead of constantly returning to the keep.


A little, yes, little annoying :sweat_smile:

This is kind of thing that show how they don’t test stuff, since anyone who would actually test the weaves would see this immediately.

Everyone who is doing solo or anything really hard on modded is using auto restart, because its such a pain to go 100 times thru all the loadscreens and voting stuff.

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Every game mode currently available AND the ones that will come need that.
It’s a slap in the face from FS to waste our time, when the first game had even more options.


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