Quick Restart! [Weaves]

I know the base game would benefit from this also, and I’m sure it’s been mentioned a dozen or so times before… But I would just like to reiterate how freaking helpful it would be to have a quick restart function possibly powered by vote, or at the mission failed screen.

To add to this. If a restart vote is passed, all players would start at the spawn of the level, only inside the bubble… Players can be free to customize their loadouts but as soon as one person exits the bubble the match will begin.


Totally agree with you on that point. Like they did it in V1.

Yes Please, that woould be nice even on normal Games aswell, Restart the MIssion ad still have your QP Bonus!

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We do not have the simplest way of restarting game/queuing into another game without going back to keep and yet you propose spawning additional bubble with the ability to change loadout (which is not present anywhere in game) and starting match after someone leaves said bubble…

Let me put it bluntly - (very likely) no chances for that.

I guess it’s technically impossible/not efficient with the current match creation system (architecture, backend) in place. That’s likely the same reason why there are issues delivering a proper host migration system (yet it sounds so simple on paper). Devs sometimes shed a light over why certain issues exist - dedicated servers (and their lack of) are one example, but I won’t put a link or quote here (currently at work).

I’m curious about these technical aspects…

This falls in the same category as all the mission end things missing in V2 where V1 had it.
Vote replay level, restart level, next level, chest for changing gear.
They said something along the line of it would make the game eat even more resources as currently, so this is something that’s not gonna happen.

It’s like they learned a lot from V1 and then threw it all out and created a worse design for their second game as the first one had.

I remember Hedge said it before that Fatshark team got opposite opinions about adding the restart buttons or not, and he didn’t say which side he’s in.

Yes it’s absurd, what makes you against the good feature in the first game? Too hard to code or something?