"retry mission" button

I really think the first title had it right, when you completed a mission you could quickly select to re-do the same mission, or do a random mission in quick succession. I am not usually one to complain about the speed of things, i personally take it slow, like making love instead of just F***ing the ever living $#!& out of it. I cant help but feel like the mission success routine goes like this “waiting…waiting…waiting OK got a chest great!..waiting…waiting…oh goddammit, now i’m back at the beginning, g2g select mission from the board” etc


I just realised how long it is taking them to implement a feature they already bloody acknowledged as planned.
Bloody hell, that along with voice-chat lacking indicators is just lazy at this point.
Perhaps in a few years we can get a few simple things we asked for.


Do you think developers are working on all acknowledged issues simultaneously? They prioritize issues (likely) based on their severity and capability to fix them. Nothing lazy about that.

We have been asking for a little indicator since the first bloody game.
Fatshark have managed to do literally EVERYTHING but that.
That means they either forgot, which means they don’t give a damn or they are being lazy about it.

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Or option 3: They have prioritized it lower than you’d want them to.

Indeed. Considering the fact that we asked them 2 years ago to implement this minor feature I would say they are prioritizing it wrongly.

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If you take into account what changes they actually did with first game, you will realize, that they prefer to do nothing. It had taken 2 years to make a changes, that actually can be maded in a couple of months.

fatshark is an extremely small developer compared to the powerhouses out there.

i imagine they have their hands full everyday trying to knock down priority bugs.

also, my guess is that they ignored minor bugs and feature requests to dedicate time to vermintide2.

the features described here are quality of life improvements which would be at the bottom of the list of things to do sadly, but it would be nice to see them implemented of course

I’ve asked for a retry button since the very first closed test beta.

They’re just outright ignoring it at this point. Why did they remove features that were part of the first game and worked wonderfully there? Very counterproductive, if you ask me.

They did add features like hosting games, starting private etc. Its probably just a matter of time and perhaps they even already have it but keep it back for a bigger patchpack. Dont know exactly why, but sometimes 1 big patch is better than multiple small ones and the focus was clearly on the bugfixes / balancing atm.

Features that was part of the base V1 experience should have been part of the base V2 experience. Cutting away basic UI functions that reduce frustration just doesn’t make sense to me.