Fatshark, you need to change the mission board ASAP

I’m just going to explain what i’ve been doing for the past 20 minutes since none of your devolopers seem to actually play the game. Otherwise you would have already fixed this days ago:

I’ve been sitting in front of the mission board to find a map i need to play on a specific difficulty. While i see a lot of fun maps i would like to play, all of those maps are only on T1, T2 or T3 difficulty. I need to play them on T4 or T5 though. So i went to the weapon shop, went over to the crafting section and tempered some stuff. Few minutes later i’m going back to the mission board because… i bet there’s going to be a map i need to play on the specific difficulty i need right? No. So i just stare at the thing and hope that the T1 difficulty map that expires in 10 seconds changes into a map i need. Well as it turns out it changed into another T2 difficulty map. So i continue to stare at this god forsaken mission board and question my choices on why i’ve already spent 200 hours on this game.

So in my frustration i go over to YouTube and find out there’s a bunch of videos about this exact topic. People sharing the same frustration as me.

The one thing i really don’t understand is your lack of communication about the mission board. We’ve seen leaks about weapon shop changes, you tell us what you’re working on in the community posts but in none of them you mention the mission board once.
Do you even plan on changing it? How long does this have to continue? I’m tired of waiting, i’m tired of wasting my time on waiting for a map i want to play on the exact difficulty i want or need. Give us an update on what you are planning to do with it.

I mean it honestly cannot be too hard to let us choose a custom map with a custom difficulty now can it? What is stopping you to implement it? How long do your dedicated players have to wait for something everybody wants? Mission Board, Weapon Shop and Crafting are the only three things everybody is waiting for to change resp. be completed (lol)

Communicate with us and stop wasting our time.


I’m worried they won’t make any changes to the map selection to try and inflate the number of players queueing the matchmaking system. Right now they have us all funneled into a handful of map choices (and even then it can still be slow to find matches under specific difficulties or conditions.)

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If there’s no map for the difficulty you want just quick play the difficulty and wait a minute then it sends you into a empty lobby that others can join.

It’s not a great system bypass but it’s worked for me when I needed it to and I always got other people joining.

just a little update on the situation:
just now i wanted to play some damnation. but oh well… i can’t. because there is literally NO damnation mission available. jesus guys… please update us on the issue already???

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It’s a bit vitriolic, but if devs or in-house testers had to wait for the right mission/difficulty/secondary/condition to pop up at random before they can work on it or test it, you bet it would be changed immediately. I don’t believe any developers who played this normally (without the ability to choose the mission/difficulty/secondary/condition they want) would want to keep this system in.

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Can you feel the player agency in the Mission Board? I know I can.

I totally agree with OP, and have to say this is my main reason to switch off the game every session… Let’s hope changes come, preferably soon :slight_smile:

Yep - I’ve been saying this since Day 1 as well:

I’ve been seeing this also become more and more and more one of the major complaints of the game.

This is one of the biggest issues of the game imo because it impacts people’s ability to participate in the best part of the game - the actual gameplay. My friends and I don’t want to do the same 2-3 missions in a session (sometimes across multiple nights) because they’re the only ones available at a difficulty we want. Most of my friends and I have gone back to Vermintide, and if once in a while we want to play some Darktide (which does happen, because again, the actual game is so fun) - we end up only playing like…1, maybe 2 missions and then go back to doing something else because we’re forced to either play the same missions we were forced to play last time, or currently there’s only like, 1 or 2 options. What about when new maps come out? I didn’t play the last one that was released for days after it came out because it never was available at the difficulty my friends and I wanted to play it at. So…cool - I’m automatically going to be less hyped for any new maps or zones coming out in the future. Because why would I be excited if the game won’t let me play it how I want anytime soon?

I’ve also been critical about the complete lack of addressing it. We want to be able to play the game that we paid for. Content is actively being held away from the playerbase, more and more people are complaining about it - and it’s been dead silent. At least with the randomness of the equipment the CM’s mentioned that it’s on the list to look at after crafting is released. Which is fair - Crafting isn’t out, I understand it taking priority. But the complete lack of even addressing this issue is concerning.

I am pretty sure you can play any difficulty you want, just use quick play.

Learn how the game works?