Map Restart/Vote Function [Poll]

One of the best features from Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide was the map restart/vote at the end screen.

You had an option to replay the mission if you failed it or you could vote to either return to the keep or play a different map.

I read a post where Hedge said it was not added because it wasn’t what the dev team wanted and disrupted the flow of the design of the game.

I personally feel that adding an end screen map vote would actually improve the game flow and allow the players to choose whether or not they want to continue playing or return to the keep.

I think this feature is in dire need of being revisited.

Should Fatshark add a map vote at the end of each mission?

  • Yes
  • No

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Yes, if it gets implemented correctly.

Some questions which come to mind.

  • What if 1 player votes “return to keep” to change his loadout, but majority wants to continue? does that player then just leave because he cannot change his loadout? Does the keep vote get priority over map vote? which could result in the other 3 leaving?

The above issue could be fixed with a loadout chest in the beginning of a map. But how about rerolling and stuff?

So currently i would have to vote “no”


I thought I wanted this a while ago, but on reflection;

  • It’s another screen to be added at the end of a run extending the time between runs even further.
  • It would remove QP bonus(?).
  • It would extend the time for a new match unless everyone voted the same. some would be unhappy, drop and return to the Keep anyhow. If the host doesn’t get the vote they liked they’d probably drop and return to the keep meaning EVERYONE reloads in keep as @Mattie has said. It has all the potential to extend the time at the end of the run and screw things up for not a very big QoL bonus.
  • It might skew the balance of maps played. Is there still a fairly effective algorithm that determines %age chance of next map in QP based on success rate? It might mean QP becomes weirdly biased towards maps NOT selected in the end screen.

SO I voted no. It is good as a fleeting idea, but once you drill down into the actual mechanics it would make VT2 End of Runs and QP much worse.


Some good points, and i agree.
Something just to counter for discussions sake,

It could be implemented that it asks “return to keep” and “next quickplay map”. which would keep qp bonus.

Yes i believe so. I never host and when i do, i always get enchanters lair.

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Map vote would have to go hand in hand with the loadout chest, at the very least.

I’d expect returning to the keep would be necessary. Maybe it’d be less of an issue considering you wouldn’t be opening chests unless you were returning anyway.

Very good point. Probably the best implementation.


It could be a more limited QoL change: just a Map restart poll, only showing when you fail the run. Thats it. With 1 vote for return being enough to return the whole party to the keep, simulating the current behaviour.

If its a more sophisticated vote system like in Verm 1, then yea it needs a chest to change weapons, and not only that, but also careers… chest won’t be good for that (immersion and programming wise). I’m thinking about ability to swap career and weapons during end of round screen, right from the first exp screen until the end of voting - during all this you should be able to change your stuff in another window.

yes, good idea.

with a full system, one vote could be enough to return to keep, so if even 1 person wants the current V2 behaviour, everyone will get it. There could also be a third option - leave party and return to keep immediately.


I’d implement the poll in the scoreboard screen: Currently, at least one player has to hit the ‘Return to the Keep’ button to start the 10 second timer. I wouldn’t mind additional options here: ‘Restart mission’ and/or ‘Continue quickplay’.

I could get behind a “Retry” button and a “QP” button on a defeat alongside the “return to Keep” button at the bottom of the stat screen. Good Idea @kuli

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You all make some really good arguments and are asking all of the right questions!

If it was possible to get a map vote, it seems that all of you agree on the following 3 options:

Vote 1: Retry Mission
Vote 2: Start new QP map
Vote 3: Return to Keep

Now I haven’t played V1 in a while but I think I remember the map vote being on the same screen as the scoreboard on the top right hand side. The scoreboard was so poorly implemented in V1 that literally no one paid attention to it because you had to actively flip through different pages.

I’m not a huge fan of the scoreboard so it wouldn’t upset me if it was made smaller or removed completely to fit the new vote screen so there wouldn’t be another loading screen.

I’m pretty sure this QP feature was removed early 2019 but I’ll have to flip through the patch notes again to verify when I have the time. I’ve never played any of the free maps and never get them in QP. In fact, the maps I do get are my most played favorite maps such as Screaming Bell, Fort Brachsenbruke (sp?), and Hunger in the Dark.

I’ve also only played Dark Omens once to get the Kruber spear and yet it never pops up in QP for me. Been a whole year and it’s never popped up in QP :joy:

Side Note: I think the Retry Mission vote definitely needs to be in the game to quickly retry failed deeds and the weekly event. Idky it’s been bothering me lately but I hate going back to the keep after every mission especially when trying to complete the weekly event and having to wait so long just to play the same mission anyways.

I would be okay with a Retry vote for weekly event maps and deeds only on defeat. If possible of course.

My apologies for the long post. Thank you all for taking the time to read my thread and giving excellent feedback :slight_smile:

FS already said that having this would increase load times by a fair margin and wasn’t worth it. It would also make the randomness of quickplay negligible being able to change builds for different map bosses, etc. and bring in bugs if you were able to change talents after the mission started, GK quests for example.

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I remember hearing something along those lines before and I don’t really believe it, mostly because I remember another statement concerning creative differences surrounding this very issue. It’s easier to believe this was a deliberate design choice, especially considering all the other V1 QoL features that are “missing.” Plus, who said anything about changing talents?

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Well some weapons are directly tied to talents so I would assume they go hand in hand. This game isn’t like V1 where your character is defined by your weapon choices.

And I think that’s an acceptable tradeoff to avoid potentially trivializing certain maps.

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surprised no one’s mentioning the possibility of people abusing the voting like in vermin tide, someone never voting(on purpose) and everyone having to wait the whole timer.


I’ve played V1 for 2 years and never once had this occur or realize it could happen.

Maybe set the timer to 10 sec and decrease with each vote but if no one votes within 5 seconds then everyone automatically returns to the keep.

Thank you for mentioning that! I really had no idea it could happen.

Must be un lucky then if this is a pretty rare thing, but your timer suggestion(for if this issue would happen) is much better considering v1 timer was like 1 minute and 30 seconds if I recall correctly.

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It could be a nice option, but should be added wisely.

p.s anyway I voted “yes” even only to skip those maps unfair/not thought to be played with randoms.

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