Weaves + Deeds =?

Hey everyone,

this is my idea on how to make use of the actual weave system to rework the deed system.

Turn Weaves into Deeds. Instead of the place where you access your weaves , you will now find a selection of all the deeds you have found.

Now amp up the variety in deed design. Take the mutators from weaves (not the actual handmade designs) and add the to the pool of mutators for normal adventure maps. Add chain-deeds where the completion of 1 deed will unlock the next until you reach the 3rd and final map. (you could use existing weave maps and finales here). combine them with mutators from the existing deed pool . Add some “fortunes of war” style deeds , maybe shortened “survive x waves” missions with some extra mutators from the pool.

So basically , throw your weave mutators , weave maps , adventure maps , deed mutators , fortunes of war ----> into the mixer and turn it into a deed system with large variety.

Now to the essence. Why not leave it like that ? Some of these missions will be pretty hardcore with all the mutators combined with high diffuculties. Why not give players the option to have a fully costumizable deed gear system ?

This gamemode could still be called “weaves” ~ but it would be just the name for the new deed system while making use of the already establised backstory of that weave thing.

Not 100% core of the idea , its more wishful thinking i guess:

To make it all shine , we could use some special rewards for deeds on top of the normal chest chance all these maps should have. I dont know what exactly would be realistic there since i cant tell how much work new cosmetics or weapon designs need , but something along these lines would be loved by most players i believe. But you could also go with a chest that has a much higher dropchance of random red items or even a cosmetic one ~ a “deed chest” if you will.

So what do you think ? Do you see a way to rework the deed system by taking the work that was done for the weaves , combining them ?


Main Problem with Weaves is not their design. This is pretty cool in my opinion. They feel different and challenging.
Main Problem is that you cant (can barely) find a group at Weave 35+ by Quickplay.
THIS needs fixing. Maybe nerf Weaves, so more peoples are able to play higher ones and give us a reason to replay finished weaves (Chests/Skins/etc.?!?!?!?!).

The problem isn’t no groups at 35+, there are no groups at any level. I’ve had the expansion for about 4 weeks and have encountered other people twice. I some people joined my game for weave 2 and we got through weave 4. I then soloed up to 7 and beat my head against a Chaos Spawn and Minotaur until I randomly joined into another game of 3 people on that same weave this weekend. From there we cleared up to 12 or 13. I stuck with them because they were literally the only people I had seen in 3 weeks. After about an hour of beating my head against a solo weave I will just go back to normal Quickplay. The game mode simply doesn’t work except for premades.

Also, I got 1,000 Essence for failing on Screamin Bell at the end, I got 75 for failing weave 7 to double boss spawns… Seems off… Maybe if you didn’t incentivize people to play quickplay over weaves to earn Essence you might have more people in there?

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