Should we be able to craft our own deeds?

  • Yes
  • No

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That would need a whole Deed rework
But if they did so I would give each deed effect a different value, where the sum give the type of chest you might get

Let’s not overthink it. Scratch the whole “what chest” we’ll get. Custom made deeds should be an optional difficulty modifier, just like how in Halo you can use skulls before starting a game for the extra challenge. No loot required for that.

From past dev posts, I would guess that either a deed or weave re-work is currently underway, with the weave weapon illusions as rewards.

Craftable deeds would be nice and shoukd cost the player no resources - the artificial scarcity is ridiculous. The main thing that needs to be fixed is to make a quickplay lobby for deeds so that we can actually co-op and find a full team.


I get some horrid feeling the deed rework ws the ability to delete deeds, and thats it.

they should rework both and not only one of it :wink: . I really like weaves but it needs more players.