Please let us make our own customizable deeds.

I think it would add so much replay-ability if we were able to make our own deeds, even cata tier deeds. For the hardcore people who play this game we have thousands and thousands of extra dust and mats just sitting there doing nothing. Make it so we can craft our own deeds with the affixes we want and make it cost dust and materials. It would give use to them again and make it worth grinding out materials. I don’t even bother opening chest anymore cause I have every single Red in the game several times over. I have zero use for chest now and they just sit there useless. The various Dust could correspond to the level and affixes of the deeds.

Green dust for Recruit and Veteran level deeds
Blue dust for Champion level deeds
Orange dust for Legend level deeds
Red dust for Cata level deeds

looking for more ideas and tips to build on this if any of you have any feedback.

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