Weaves crashing and enemy health uplift

Two points here to take a look at please:

  • Game crashes if someone leaves/crashes and rejoins.
    Crash report:

GUID: 6595d277-cafd-4208-acca-53e62fa431b8
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/network/network_transmit.lua:124: bad argument #2 to ‘rpc’ (number expected, got nil)


  • Enemy health and stagger resistance seems to have gone up a very large amount in weaves, absurdly so, with the new patch.

the higher health and stagger needs to be fixed ASAP - that is a bug for sure and ridiculous!

What weave difficulty/winds are affected?

I think I was helping with Weave 63 (Grey Canyon). Enemies took noticably more hits and seemed to have far more mass than on 143 prior to the patch.

Can’t speak for any other Weaves, however.

Yeah the crashes are very annoying, same with the increased mass and health. Hope it will get fixed soon!

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