Weave optimizations

There’s 2 Weaves that need to be optimized badly.

Been doing some Weaves recently and noticed that the Bright and Jade weaves kill my framerate. These maps start at a staggering 12fps and gets worse the farther I move along.

No other Weave map/type does this and so I am hoping someone at Fatshark can roll out one optimization patch for the Weaves. If at the very least just fix the Bright and Jade maps. My normal framerate for the other Weave maps are 90+ and my framerate in the main game being 100+ so IDK what’s causing the frames to die during the Bright and Jade weaves.

The frames get so bad that it not only stutters but causes the enemies to slide across the floor with their bodies completely motionless. Makes it difficult to know when to dodge when they are not moving their limbs…

Please roll out an optimization patch for Weaves. My frames will thank you!

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