Weave Feedback after clearing 120+

We will have some news very soon on our plans for weaves going forward, thanks for the patience on the near radio silence we have had a lot to do!


Someone put 160 completion on reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/Vermintide/comments/cyzpfv/world_first_weave_160_the_final_weave/

Is this what’s to be expected?

Can you not? Even people who do the weaves don’t enjoy them. For the most part, I have only heard pining for some sort of modded difficulty that provides a challenge. Weaves are not interesting gameplay. Please stop forcing it. Leaderboards are not interesting. Please stop forcing it. I actually enjoy a lot of the changes in WoM. I’ve found it interesting to learn some new mechanics. However, weaves are splitting the player base. The community of players capable of running modded difficulties was already infinitesimally small. Now, that number is almost zero because the players capable of doing modded difficulties all feel like they have to climb the leaderboards. Just because people are forcing themselves to do bad content for mediocre rewards does not mean it is good for the longevity of the game. If you continue to incentivize playing mediocre content through arbitrary rewards like leaderboard rankings, you are simply going to burn out the grinders and the rest of us will leave because the game feels empty and dead.


^ I don’t mind having challenges in game that incentivize different playstyles and the use of different careers but I completely agree with Froh on this one. When we’re looking at a game mode that doesn’t offer any rewards for completing weaves after the first completion (whether it’s to gain an advantage, compete on leaderboards or help a friend) is just ridiculous. The weave-specific challenges were a bit hit or miss but at least they encouraged different playstyles and builds, along with teamwork in some cases.

…speak for other people please.

I, for one, do enjoy weaves to an extent. There are many flaws baked into weaves but I appreciate these miniature FoW more than I’d expected.


No problem here, I’m fine with you needing time, and glad you tell us you’re working on it !


I, for one, do enjoy weaves to an extent. There are many flaws baked into weaves but I appreciate these miniature FoW more than I’d expected.

This is exactly how I feel about weaves. They could have been pretty damn good if it weren’t for the many missteps Fatshark made in their creation (absurd essence grind, awful matchmaking, losing to the timer because nothing spawns etc.) I’ve been enjoying some of the mid-tier weaves when I can find a party, but I think it was definitely not worth the time investment on Fatshark’s part. However, its quite clear at this point that, even though most of the community aren’t interested, too much development time has been sunk into weaves for them to be abandoned. I would like to see them fixed, but at this point, whoever is in charge of game direction seems to be almost completely at odds with what the community wants.

I am still flabbergasted that weaves are referred to in promotional material as ‘infinite endgame’ and yet have been deliberately designed to have far less replayability than the main game.

Maybe the upcoming news bigras hints to will signal improvements. I really hope so, but my expectations can’t be anything but low at this point. There have been too many design failures thus far (and I say this as someone who loves Vermintide).


IMHO they should leave the previous season of weaves up so that those of us who do not have tons of time can still attempt to earn the frames and challenges.
Obviously the leaderboard for that season will need to be closed off or whatever. Wouldn’t be fair other wise.

I have a wee bit of OCD and not being able to complete the challenges and get the frames because of not having enough time to get it done would be crappy.

Yeah, 63 is a major pain in the butt. Ran out of time at the end event quite a few times.
One time the Mino had a sliver of health left .
I would imagine on 103 it’s even worse.


When I first heard about weaves I thought it would be randoms pieces of maps (put together with portals or something like that) with random winds and random enemy spawns. This… almost puzzle-like nature of how weaves work seems weird to me.

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Yes, I will repeat what other people have told me. Thank you for your input.

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I don’t like Weaves, they only divide the playerbase of the main game mode. Also the grind aspect does not appeal to me at all. I would rather have more variety, challenges on the main maps. New maps would not hurt either.

Some nice daily quests introducing new challenges on all maps would be nice. Something like:

  • Bring 5 barrels of gun powder / sacks of grain to an Empire war wagon
  • Find a kill an enemy champion
  • Find and recover a chaos artefact (with similar mechanic as on one of the DLC maps, the artefact carrier gets grey health only

You could multiply these quests based on the Warhammer setting and make them far more immersive than “weaves” or “Get 4 tomes”.

I also really hope also that V3 will no longer have RNG based crafting and “x% to Y” item stats.

I rather know how much time I need to spend to get a specific weapon of a specific quality, even if it requires hours of gameplay and have different interesting combinations of skills and stats than this RNG frustration. The same applies to weapons properties. If I get anti-chaos weapon, I should not need an Excel spreadsheet to work out breakpoints in order to make it an optimal build…

Speaking of weaves. Hey fatshark devs, id like you to play weave 114 and tell me how far you made it :rofl:

Actually at 114, I’m not even irritated anymore, I guess I kinda got used to it by this point :rofl:

103 is amazing, you will love it : https://youtu.be/3MNihTYaM1E :sweat_smile:

I could be wrong, but I think he meant ‘enjoyed’ in the ‘experienced’ sense of the word, not the ‘had fun’ sense. After all there’re languages where the translation for those words comes out pretty close, or dialects where it’s often meant in a sarcastic way. Osrali evidently took it the latter way.

But only OP can clarify that.

@SpaceJellyKing: would you play Season 2 of weaves if they were like the Season 1 ones or have you had enough of them?

What about QP weaves, like FS promised in the latest blog post?

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I don’t understand why a lot of people hate leaderboard, think is a good thing and motivate to play weaves.

Yeah from the 100 it became frustrating when everything oneshot you, my highest weave actually is the 112 and I don’t remember how many tries, maybe 2 hours spended for the same weave.

Over 100+ weaves the game is just “protect the battle wizard”, a bit annoying.


I think it isn’t the leaderboards themselves so much as the fact that FS gave it as a reason the weaves couldn’t be RNG and instead needed to be scripted. Were it not for that, I imagine most people just wouldn’t care as opposed to actively being hostile toward having leaderboards.

For the people that do care about leaderboards I imagine it’s probably due to the cheaters and the fact the very high weaves aren’t a testament to skill so much as enduring annoyances and using cheese. I’m not saying the people doing them aren’t skilled, you have to be to get that far, it’s more that after a point (and including the odd weaves that are way worse than those before/after them) they appear to be designed in a way that incentivises cheese plays instead of offering a meaningful difficulty increase.


Not so much a good source of motivation as it is the only source of motivation, beyond getting the odd Portrait Frame I guess.

I feel like there should’ve been far more rewards for doing Weaves than there currently is, such as some way to unlock the Weave weapon skins for use in the main game as well (a thing Fatshark has announced they will be trying to add come Season 2).

Having a very limited amount of the playerbase get artificial clout because they spend copious amounts of hours grinding the same gamemode over and over again just to have their name put on a list doesn’t sound like a very healthy reward system, to me at least, especially when, as many others have already pointed out, the game is co-operative, not competitive, in nature.

@Drakonhammer put the issue with Leaderboards quite elegantly, in that its addition, as well as its continued support, negatively impacts the gameplay of Weaves itself (at least the replayability of them if nothing else).

And, much like Leaderboards in any game, ever, there will always be people looking for exploits to cheese their way to the top or just outright cheating, ruining the point of climbing the Leaderboards in the first place.

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Maybe, for example, because vermintide 2 can’t handle good enough with trainers and cheats?

These screenshots are from the official realm. Difficulty level - cataclysm with several players from Asia. Except that Saltzpyre was flying, the whole team was immortal. Any more questions about Leaderboards?

Green circles on steroids.

It just feels off to force competition into what has been a cooperative experience, with solo potential. (I’d be murdered for not mentioning the latter :sweat_smile: )

It certainly isn’t what a lot of people expected, it does suggest a direction, a change in the course of what Vermintide will try to be. When fatshark employees say things like “dominate the competition”, all I see is an identity crisis. Who plays “competitive Vermintide”? :rofl:

So, I think its a lot less to do with what leaderboards are and what purpose they serve, rather why was it prioritized in “the cooperative fantasy hack and slash” that is PLAGUED by problems that are quite frankly insulting at this point?


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