Weave 142 (and possibly others) crashing


@Kv3ck did some more testing and found out that this same crash was also present on the maps

bastion and pastoral. So there are at least 3 maps with this problem. It might be more. He was able to finish fort and delving, so far.


New update on the matter. @Kv3ck did some more testing and this is what he found:

" Update for all the maps that work and don’t work.

Working weave maps.

Waters Shyish, Jade(Fort)
Oubliette Ghur,Hysh, Ulgu(The pit, Ulgu can be weird there is a crash but you need to be in the air to trigger it on some parts, so if you don’t tp onto high roofs etc you should be fine,)
Delving,Aqshy, Shyish and Azyr(Hunger in the dark)
Mire, Azyr, Aqshy(War camp).
Bastion, Shyish, Jade(Righteous stand)
Canyon, Ulgu, Hysh and Chamon(Festering Grounds)
Weald, Aqshy(Engines of war)
Ruins, Jade and Chamon(Empire in Flames)
Warrens, Azyr(The Blightreaper, only weave that doesn’t crash you for that map)
Pasterole Ulgu,Ghur and Chamon(against the grain, Ulgu and Ghur currently only pastorole that doesn’t crash you., Azyr Pasterole does crash you.)

From more testing looks like some weave maps that crash you actually don’t always crash on a different weave, Azyr weave for pasterole crashes you at tree, but ulgu and ghur pasterole doesn’t crash etc, same for most other weaves that you will see below and above.

Weaves maps that do crash you(depending on the winds of magic on some of them.)

Pasterole Azyr(Against the grain)
Delving Chamon, (Hunger in the dark)
Warrens, Ghur, Aqshy, Ulgu(The blightreaper)
Weald, Chamon,Hysh(Engines of war)
Canyon, Jade(Festering Grounds)
Bastion, Hysh, Ghur(Rightoues stand)
Oubliette, AzyrThe pit)
Mire, Jade, Shyish(The Warcamp, weird one it crashes close to the end ish, potential sienna skip that might work but need to test it, same goes for Shyish for this one crashes you at the end so Sienna might be able to skip to portal, will test that another time.)
Ruins, Ghur, Shyish(Empire in Flames)
Waters, Ulgu(Fort, crashes at end of portal again might be a potential sienna skip through a certain skyline skip might work, test it more another time.) (edited)

Currently that is all the weaves i have tested 80% of them i went around seeing what parts will crash you, the 20% of the other weaves i didn’t bother trying are the ones that shared the same Winds of Magic of weaves that didn’t crash you, but they had different objectives, i doubt they will crash you as i don’t think it is the objectives changing in the same weave on the same map would crash you, for example Oubliette Hyish, 153 and Oubliette 145 Hyish are the same map but share different objectives and both didn’t crash me, so i took that for the same for other weaves that share the same Winds of Magic on the same map, but both have different objectives. Hope that helps those wondering which work and don’t sadly can’t do much if your stuck on ones that don’t work, i will be messing around with many different glitches/sienna skips i have learn’t through my journey in weaves and see if some of them can bypass the crash on these weaves, until then gl!

Note, I have not bothered trying the 2nd stages on any of these weaves that crash or don’t crash you, from what i have seen the weaves that do crash you there 2nd stage doesn’t, so i assume none of the 2nd stages in all 40 weaves won’t crash, but some you won’t be able to get too, to find out."

Appreciate the detailed write up! I’ve passed this on and we’ll investigate.

Apologies again for the inconvenience!

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Ok, nice! =D


With my team we are stuck on one of the weaves with problems, so I want to do as much as I can to help the devs solve this problem soon xD Many people on the Ranked Weaves discord are having this kind of problem xD

But most of the testing was done by @Kv3ck, so thx very much! =D

If you need help testing stuff to find the source of the problem or something else that could help solve this problem faster, please let me know. Maybe there is something I/we can do.

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I’ve queried this internally, and we believe all of the crashes here are linked to one notorious one that is very much on our radar. We’ve got a fix in the works - hoping to have this resolved soon!

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Cool! =D


Even if you think you identified the problem, I add this new info I found in my log, just in case it helps

16:50:58.423 [Lua] Composing horde 'weave_plague_monks_small' .. using variant 'mines_plague_monks'
16:50:58.423 [Lua] -> spawning:	7
16:50:58.423 [Lua] horde crated with id	6	of type 	ambush
16:50:58.423 [Lua] ambush horde has started
16:50:58.432 [Lua] setting up ambush-horde
16:50:58.432 [Lua] Composing horde 'weave_ungor_archers' .. using variant 'plain'
16:50:58.433 [Lua] -> spawning:	12
16:50:58.433 [Lua] horde crated with id	7	of type 	ambush
16:50:58.433 [Lua] ambush horde has started
16:50:59.744 [Lua] TerrorEventMixer.start_event: roaming_patrol (seed: 0)
16:50:59.753 [Lua] Spline already found!
16:50:59.778 [Lua] Init group template: spline_patrol
16:51:00.042 error:   [Unit] Unit: '#ID[ef20a4ebd4c7bca5]' has still childs attached to it, please unlink them before destroying the unit
	child 0: '#ID[b5b00e4a620cde9f]'
16:51:00.218 error:   [Unit] Unit: '#ID[ef20a4ebd4c7bca5]' has still childs attached to it, please unlink them before destroying the unit
	child 0: '#ID[b5b00e4a620cde9f]'
16:51:00.223 [Lua] TerrorEventMixer.start_event: roaming_patrol (seed: 0)
16:51:00.237 [Lua] Spline already found!
16:51:00.270 [Lua] Init group template: spline_patrol
16:51:02.014 [Lua] replace_hidden_spawners -> first try found:	1	cover points
16:51:02.014 [Lua] replace_hidden_spawners -> replacing hidden spawners!
16:51:02.014 [Lua] ->moving spawner
16:51:03.623 [Lua] Init group template: horde
16:51:04.115 <<Crash>>Access violation (0xc0000005) in build 0ac7fb6d502af814131996bc2121d83d73f40841
    accessing address 0000022EB3FEFCC4 from 00007FF63BF1331E<</Crash>>

So apparently, the problem is triggered by a Terror Event. There is an “Access Violation” while trying to move a spawner.

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@Janotil (I guess that his user here xD) told me that someone said it was beastmen related and in my case, that terror event is a beastmen terror event.

Beastmen are too strong. They cannot be accessed xD

A new hotfix 4.6.2 is live which should address the common crashes - once you’ve downloaded the hotfix please let us know if you run into any further issues. Thanks!

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Thanks Lev for the feedback.

Crashes still happening on weaves. Got this one multiple times, so far on Hysh Bastion when moving from first stage to arena:

GUID: 265e614a-886e-46a7-8369-1e77ec9de1c3
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/managers/spawn/respawn_handler.lua:681: attempt to index local ‘respawn_data’ (a nil value)

Hope that helps.
I know this may not be the place, but also get occasional crashes when swapping heroes in a lobby.


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Thanks @BelgiasVT,

I’ve passed this on internally - we’ll have more crash fixes coming soon!

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Hey Belgias, can you tell me which weave was it specifically, please? I know it was Hysh Bastion, but it might be more than one, depending on the mission objective. Was it a ranked weave? Which rank? And if it was quickplay, which was the objective?

I want to go and test this myself to see if I can get more info. Also, do you have your log file? It should be located in AppData, in a path similar to

C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\console_logs\console-yyyy-mm-dd.hash.log. You need to check the file from the time you had the crash.

Can you send that log or at least the last lines before the crash (you can take as an example the code I posted above)? Your logs also contain your PC specs, country, and more info. Just in case you care about that. But the section just before the crash message should be enough.

Also, I’m not from Fatshark, just trying to help and understand the problem.


I tested and at least on my first and only test, I did pass the Beastmen trigger with no issues (except for dying)

Hi Rodo,

Thanks - it was ranked 81 and 121 (slaughter), changing from first to second stage. As an aside, the screen that you’ve posted above looks like it is from Warrens, not Bastion, no?

Most of the weaves I’ve attempted to play have crashed between 1st and 2nd stage, with the above error.
I’m on a different computer from the one I crashed on so can’t access the logs right now, but might be able to later on.


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Ok, cool

I don’t remember the name of the map xD but it’s the one linked to The Blightreaper. I’ll check later.

Also, I’ll try to run that map later and test if it crashes for me. If it does, I’ll have my own log :stuck_out_tongue: but I need to do some work now, so I’ll let you know if I find something later :wink:

Thanks Rodo! Good work.

I can’t get to the end of any game to be honest without it crashing, so hoping it’ll be fixed soon :slight_smile:

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Hey Belgias!

I already tested weave 1 (which is the lower tier equivalent to 41, 81, and 121). I solo finished the level with no problem.


We played 143 and we crashed in the same way. After the portal, before the arena. In our case, we had one player alive and 3 dead (captured and ready to release). So… I was analyzing my logs and I found this:

22:46:35.433 [Lua] </starts>
22:46:35.433 [Lua] <breed_go_ids>
22:46:35.433 [Lua] </breed_go_ids>
22:46:35.434 [Lua] [PeerSM] 110000103c3db54 :: on_exit WaitingForGameObjectSync
22:46:35.434 [Lua] [PeerSM] 110000103c3db54 :: on_enter WaitingForPlayers
22:46:35.434 [Lua] PlayerManager:add_remote_player 11000010bf0b1ce
22:46:35.434 [Lua] [GameNetworkManager] Created player game object of type 'player' with go_id=4
22:46:35.434 [Lua] RemotePlayer:create_game_object( )	4
22:46:35.503 [Lua] [PeerSM] 11000010bf0b1ce :: on_exit WaitingForGameObjectSync
22:46:35.503 [Lua] [PeerSM] 11000010bf0b1ce :: on_enter WaitingForPlayers
22:46:35.513 [Lua] [SharedState] network_state_110000103c3db54: <rpc set 11000010d4ed4c9> inventory_list:0:1:0:0 = {"third_person":{"wwise\/one_handed_swords":false,"units\/beings\/player\/third_person_base\/bright_wizard\/chr_third_person_husk_base":false,"resource_packages\/careers\/bw_adept":false,"units\/weapons\/player\/wpn_bw_deus_02\/wpn_bw_deus_02_magic_3p":false,"units\/weapons\/player\/wpn_brw_sword_03_t2\/wpn_brw_sword_03_t2_magic_01_3p":false,"units\/beings\/player\/bright_wizard_adept\/headpiece\/bw_a_hat_13":false,"wwise\/bw_deus_01":false,"units\/beings\/player\/bright_wizard_adept_skin_01\/third_person_base\/chr_third_person_mesh":false,"units\/weapons\/player\/wpn_fireball\/wpn_fireball_3p":false},"inventory_id":1249489536,"first_person":{"units\/weapons\/player\/wpn_brw_sword_03_t2\/wpn_brw_sword_03_t2_magic_01":false,"units\/weapons\/player\/wpn_fireball\/wpn_fireball":false,"units\/weapons\/player\/wpn_fireball\/wpn_fireball_3p":false,"wwise\/bw_deus_01":false,"units\/beings\/player\/bright_wizard_adept\/headpiece\/bw_a_hat_13":false,"units\/beings\/player\/first_person_base\/chr_first_person_bot_base":false,"units\/beings\/player\/first_person_base\/chr_first_person_base":false,"wwise\/one_handed_swords":false,"units\/weapons\/player\/wpn_bw_deus_02\/wpn_bw_deus_02_magic_3p":false,"units\/weapons\/player\/wpn_bw_deus_02\/wpn_bw_deus_02_magic":false,"resource_packages\/careers\/bw_adept":false,"units\/beings\/player\/third_person_base\/bright_wizard\/chr_third_person_base":false,"units\/beings\/player\/bright_wizard_adept_skin_01\/third_person_base\/chr_third_person_mesh":false,"units\/beings\/player\/bright_wizard_adept_skin_01\/first_person_base\/chr_first_person_mesh":false,"units\/weapons\/player\/wpn_brw_sword_03_t2\/wpn_brw_sword_03_t2_magic_01_3p":false}}
22:46:35.513 [Lua] [SharedState] network_state_110000103c3db54: <rpc set 11000010d4ed4c9> loaded_inventory_id:11000010d4ed4c9:1:0:0 = 1249489536
22:46:35.513 [Lua] [SharedState] network_state_110000103c3db54: <rpc set 11000010d4ed4c9> loaded_inventory_id:1100001047988ab:1:0:0 = 253422672
22:46:35.513 [Lua] [SharedState] network_state_110000103c3db54: <rpc set 11000010d4ed4c9> loaded_inventory_id:110000103c3db54:1:0:0 = 965313216
22:46:35.513 [Lua] [SharedState] network_state_110000103c3db54: <rpc set 11000010d4ed4c9> loaded_inventory_id:11000010bf0b1ce:1:0:0 = 1220198016
22:46:35.513 [Lua] [SharedState] network_state_110000103c3db54: <rpc set 11000010d4ed4c9> actually_ingame:11000010d4ed4c9:0:0:0 = false
22:46:35.513 [Lua] [SharedState] network_state_110000103c3db54: <rpc set 11000010bf0b1ce> inventory_list:0:1:0:0 = {"third_person":{"wwise\/repeating_handgun_pistol":false,"units\/weapons\/player\/wpn_emp_handgun_repeater_t1\/wpn_emp_handgun_repeater_t1_magic_01_3p":false,"units\/weapons\/player\/wpn_es_deus_shield_02\/wpn_es_deus_shield_02_magic_3p":false,"units\/beings\/player\/empire_soldier_knight\/headpiece\/es_k_hat_09":false,"units\/beings\/player\/third_person_base\/empire_soldier\/chr_third_person_husk_base":false,"units\/weapons\/player\/wpn_es_deus_spear_02\/wpn_es_deus_spear_02_magic_3p":false,"units\/beings\/player\/empire_soldier_knight\/skins\/white\/chr_empire_soldier_knight_white":false,"units\/beings\/player\/empire_soldier_knight\/third_person_base\/chr_third_person_mesh":false,"wwise\/es_deus_01":false,"resource_packages\/careers\/es_knight":false},"inventory_id":1220198016,"first_person":{"units\/weapons\/player\/wpn_es_deus_shield_02\/wpn_es_deus_shield_02_magic_3p":false,"units\/beings\/player\/first_person_base\/chr_first_person_base":false,"wwise\/repeating_handgun_pistol":false,"units\/beings\/player\/empire_soldier_knight\/first_person_base\/chr_first_person_mesh":false,"units\/weapons\/player\/wpn_emp_handgun_repeater_t1\/wpn_emp_handgun_repeater_t1_magic_01_3p":false,"wwise\/es_deus_01":false,"units\/beings\/player\/first_person_base\/chr_first_person_bot_base":false,"units\/weapons\/player\/wpn_es_deus_spear_02\/wpn_es_deus_spear_02_magic":false,"resource_packages\/careers\/es_knight":false,"units\/weapons\/player\/wpn_es_deus_shield_02\/wpn_es_deus_shield_02_magic":false,"units\/weapons\/player\/wpn_es_deus_spear_02\/wpn_es_deus_spear_02_magic_3p":false,"units\/beings\/player\/empire_soldier_knight\/skins\/white\/chr_empire_soldier_knight_white":false,"units\/weapons\/player\/wpn_emp_handgun_repeater_t1\/wpn_emp_handgun_repeater_t1_magic_01":false,"units\/beings\/player\/empire_soldier_knight\/third_person_base\/chr_third_person_mesh":false,"units\/beings\/player\/third_person_base\/empire_soldier\/chr_third_person_base":false,"units\/beings\/player\/empire_soldier_knight\/headpiece\/es_k_hat_09":false}}
22:46:35.513 [Lua] [SharedState] network_state_110000103c3db54: <rpc set 11000010bf0b1ce> loaded_inventory_id:1100001047988ab:1:0:0 = 253422672
22:46:35.513 [Lua] [SharedState] network_state_110000103c3db54: <rpc set 11000010bf0b1ce> loaded_inventory_id:11000010d4ed4c9:1:0:0 = 1249489536
22:46:35.513 [Lua] [SharedState] network_state_110000103c3db54: <rpc set 11000010bf0b1ce> loaded_inventory_id:110000103c3db54:1:0:0 = 965313216
22:46:35.514 [Lua] [SharedState] network_state_110000103c3db54: <rpc set 11000010bf0b1ce> loaded_inventory_id:11000010bf0b1ce:1:0:0 = 1220198016
22:46:35.514 [Lua] [SharedState] network_state_110000103c3db54: <rpc set 11000010bf0b1ce> actually_ingame:11000010bf0b1ce:0:0:0 = false
22:46:36.367 <<Lua Error>>scripts/managers/spawn/respawn_handler.lua:681: attempt to index local 'respawn_data' (a nil value)<</Lua Error>>
{00007ff6f5630000, 011ed000, 6227228a, d8abc7e8-43f1-47df-8f53-8698f73f8f4b, 00000001, E:\agent-work\tmp-builds\engine_vt2\release\qol_2022_03_01\engine\win64\release\vermintide2.pdb}
{00007ffaacc30000, 001f5000, 1be73aa8, 75f14e12-4f6f-8595-b922-d69f10c03789, 00000001, ntdll.pdb}
{00007ffaab8d0000, 000be000, f32175d9, d40085df-05d6-d9e3-8611-c48f717c2052, 00000001, kernel32.pdb}

0x00007ffaab8d0000:0x0000000000017034 BaseThreadInitThunk
0x00007ffaacc30000:0x0000000000052651 RtlUserThreadStart
<<Crash version>>1<</Crash version>>
<<Thread name>>main<</Thread name>>
<<Build identifier>>0ac7fb6d502af814131996bc2121d83d73f40841<</Build identifier>>
<<Build type>>release<</Build type>>
<<Product version>>Developer Build (1.3.6992.0)<</Product version>>

rule database
<<Script Error>>scripts/managers/spawn/respawn_handler.lua:681: attempt to index local 'respawn_data' (a nil value)<</Script Error>>
<<Lua Stack>>  [1] @scripts/managers/spawn/respawn_handler.lua:681: in function _is_respawn_reachable
  [2] @scripts/managers/spawn/respawn_handler.lua:420: in function server_update
  [3] @scripts/managers/game_mode/spawning_components/adventure_spawning.lua:213: in function server_update
  [4] @scripts/managers/game_mode/game_modes/game_mode_weave.lua:61: in function server_update
  [5] @scripts/managers/game_mode/game_mode_manager.lua:760: in function hook_chain
  [6] @scripts/mods/vmf/modules/core/hooks.lua:180: in function server_update
  [7] @scripts/game_state/state_ingame.lua:1027: in function update
  [8] @foundation/scripts/util/state_machine.lua:141: in function update
  [9] @scripts/boot.lua:877: in function game_update
  [10] @scripts/boot.lua:611:in function <scripts/boot.lua:602>
<</Lua Stack>>
<<Lua Locals>>  [1] self = table: 000000000CEF5750; respawn_data = nil; main_path_info = table: 000000000D76C1D0; min_dist = 0
  [2] self = table: 000000000CEF5750; dt = 0.053382739424705505; t = 0.14455015957355499; slots = table: 000000000AEBD710; any_player_respawned = false; i = 1; status = table: 00000000108166C0; data = table: 0000000002875120; is_dead = false; current_respawn_unit = [Unit (deleted)]; current_respawn_data = nil
  [3] self = table: 0000000009665DC0; t = 0.14455015957355499; dt = 0.053382739424705505; party = table: 000000000AEBD6A0; occupied_slots = table: 000000000AEBD710; allow_respawns = true
  [4] self = table: 0000000008A3F4D0; t = 0.14455015957355499; dt = 0.053382739424705505
  [5] self = table: 000000000D723070; dt = 0.053382739424705505; t = 0.14455015957355499; game_mode = table: 0000000008A3F4D0
  [6] hook_chain = [function]
  [7] self = table: 000000000B7862B0; dt = 0.053382739424705505; main_t = 3794.5254018071573; is_server = true; Managers = \n\tui\n\ttwitch\n\tpopup\n\tsave\n\trcon\n\ttransition\n\tmusic\n\ttime\n\tfree_flight\n\tirc\n\teac\n\tmatchmaking\n\tlight_fx\n\tweave\n\tupdator\n\trazer_ch...; t = 0.14455015957355499; game_mode_ended = false
  [8] self = table: 000000000303D840; dt = 0.053382739424705505; t = 3794.5254018071573
  [9] self = table: 0000000000096B00; real_world_dt = 0.053382739424705505; Managers = \n\tui\n\ttwitch\n\tpopup\n\tsave\n\trcon\n\ttransition\n\tmusic\n\ttime\n\tfree_flight\n\tirc\n\teac\n\tmatchmaking\n\tlight_fx\n\tweave\n\tupdator\n\trazer_ch...; dt = 0.053382739424705505; t = 3794.5254018071573
  [10] dt = 0.053382739424705505
<</Lua Locals>>
<<Lua Self>>  [1] _disabled_respawn_groups = table: 0000000010C84090; _path_break_points = table: 0000000005421690; _world = [World]; _id = 3; _next_move_players_t = 10.091167420148849; _network_transmit = table: 000000000FD2E120; _boss_door_dist_lookup = table: 0000000013A28210; _respawn_gate_units = table: 0000000008E0B020; _network_event_delegate = table: 000000000FF5A2A0; _profile_synchronizer = table: 000000000C0E7810; _all_synced_checked = true; _active_overrides = table: 000000000F9936E0; _move_players = true; _active_overridden_units = table: 000000000BC63440; _delayed_respawn_queue = table: 0000000012509330; _respawn_gate_units_n = 0; _all_synced = true; _respawner_groups = table: 000000000B3317F0; _respawn_units = table: 0000000001078690; 
  [2] _disabled_respawn_groups = table: 0000000010C84090; _path_break_points = table: 0000000005421690; _world = [World]; _id = 3; _next_move_players_t = 10.091167420148849; _network_transmit = table: 000000000FD2E120; _boss_door_dist_lookup = table: 0000000013A28210; _respawn_gate_units = table: 0000000008E0B020; _network_event_delegate = table: 000000000FF5A2A0; _profile_synchronizer = table: 000000000C0E7810; _all_synced_checked = true; _active_overrides = table: 000000000F9936E0; _move_players = true; _active_overridden_units = table: 000000000BC63440; _delayed_respawn_queue = table: 0000000012509330; _respawn_gate_units_n = 0; _all_synced = true; _respawner_groups = table: 000000000B3317F0; _respawn_units = table: 0000000001078690; 
  [3] _profile_synchronizer = table: 000000000C0E7810; _num_spawn_points_used = 2; _respawn_handler = table: 000000000CEF5750; _side = table: 000000000CFCCB80; _spawning = true; _delayed_clients = table: 000000000CAED150; _saved_game_mode_data = table: 000000000E992170; _network_server = table: 0000000007979080; _respawns_enabled = true; _is_server = true; _spawn_points = table: 000000000A182B30; 
  [4] _bot_profile_id_to_priority_id = table: 000000000EF67E20; _world = [World]; _end_level_areas = table: 000000000EB388C0; _player_spawners = table: 000000000D8E09F0; _available_profiles = table: 000000000B97E8F0; _game_mode_state = "initial_state"; _network_event_delegate = table: 000000000FF5A2A0; _network_transmit = table: 000000000FD2E120; _weave_spawning = table: 0000000009665DC0; _adventure_profile_rules = table: 000000000EF4DB90; _initial_peers_ready = false; _num_pending_bot_remove = 0; _pending_bot_remove = table: 000000000BBFB5B0; _profile_synchronizer = table: 000000000C0E7810; _debug_end_level_areas = table: 0000000008BA7A10; about_to_win = false; _settings = table: 0000000000333B30; _level_failed = false; _bot_players = table: 00000000016FA4B0; _level_completed = false; about_to_lose = false; _local_player_spawned = false; _statistics_db = table: 000000000B1F6F80; _level_key = "dlc_scorpion_arena_temple_shadow"; _network_server = table: 0000000007979080; _quick_play = false; _is_server = true; _lose_condition_disabled = false; 
  [5] _world = [World]; _game_mode_key = "weave"; statistics_db = table: 000000000B1F6F80; _have_signalled_ready_to_transition = false; _gm_event_end_conditions_met = false; _initial_peers_ready = false; _object_set_names = table: 0000000009716330; _end_conditions_met = false; _round_started = false; _object_sets = table: 0000000009716300; _disable_spawning_reasons = table: 000000000FAD72A0; _has_created_game_mode_data = false; _looping_event_timers = table: 000000000481AC40; _mutator_handler = table: 00000000133B02E0; network_server = table: 0000000007979080; _game_mode = table: 0000000008A3F4D0; _profile_synchronizer = table: 000000000C0E7810; _lobby_host = table: 000000000072C930; _level_key = "dlc_scorpion_arena_temple_shadow"; _network_transmit = table: 000000000FD2E120; _flow_set_data = table: 000000000F776400; is_server = true; network_event_delegate = table: 000000000FF5A2A0; 
  [7] world_name = "level_world"; entity_system_bag = table: 000000000E540410; network_server = table: 0000000007979080; entity_system = table: 000000000E978590; parent = table: 0000000000096B00; _level_flow_events = table: 000000000CCB3E00<</Lua Self>>
[Log end]

So, apparently, there is a problem with respawn_handler.lua

I had a theory. Maybe it was because we were dead. So we completed weave 23 (to make it faster and easier) and we did NOT crash. The difference was that everybody was alive.

My theory is that respawn_handler.lua is responsible to revive players after the end of a mission, so they start the arena alive; and maybe in campaign mode, so they respawn in the keep and in CW, so they get revived for the next map (not released, though)


So maybe if you make sure to revive everybody before getting into the portal, you can bypass that crash.

Let me know if you had somebody dead / down when you crashed, please. If you didn’t, you would destroy my whole theory xD So let me know please =D


What do you think about this Theory Lev?

On commit b38754a3bd61983118215359845d5b4fe5005014 from Auussiemon’s repo, the file respawn_handler.lua had some changes. There are a few new functions, so maybe the problem is over there.

I hope this helps solve the problem faster.

P.S.: I know people have been crashing still with everybody alive, so maybe there are more conditions that I’m not seeing right now.

Oh, and this is my GUID

GUID: 3c1db932-1e8e-4fde-89fd-005678b5cc0c
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/managers/spawn/respawn_handler.lua:681: attempt to index local ‘respawn_data’ (a nil value)

Hi Rodo,

Thanks for your testing, one individual was dead I believe, yes - could perhaps be on to something there.

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scripts/managers/spawn/respawn_handler.lua:681: attempt to index local ‘respawn_data’ (a nil value)

We have a fix for this :slight_smile: it won’t make it into today’s hotfix, but it should be coming in the one after that!

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Nice! Thx! :slight_smile:


And do you know if the problem is due to what I said? Because if so, my proposal should be good enought to bypass that crash for now. But I’m not sure

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