Game keeps crashing in mid game

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GUID: e8f63759-2728-40a2-aedb-9f6e182a7483

What does it mean, pls help asap, it’s like this since yesterday evening… .


Hi @Mfer_since98,

Please check you have the hotfix installed, otherwise please bear with us whilst we work to address the remaining crashes. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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I guess one could say that this party patch…really got crashed.

Ba dum tss

I´ll see myself out.


With hotfix you mean the last update of merely 4mb? I am on steam btw.


Today they launched patch 4.6.1 (a hotfix) and it was about 3 - 4 MB.

In other posts, @FatsharkLev and @FatsharkJulia have said that soon (ideally tomorrow) there will be another hotfix (probably 4.6.2) and it should solve many issues that have the same root cause.

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Thx for the clear respons man!

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Hey man,

Don’t know if u will see this, but the crashes just arise in the map dark omens I see. it didn’t crash with the other one’s anymore


If you want to be sure people will get a notification, it’s better to tag people (like this, now you should see a “1” or another number on your profile pic and see this).

This is something that I posted somewhere else.

“It’s not something happening just in Dark Omens, but I think it makes sense it happens more often there. I was doing some digging and it seems to be related to a terror event trigger linked to Beastmen (that’s my theory, it’s not official info). So as Dark Omens has A LOT of Beastmen xD … well… it makes sense that it crashes a lot.”

Game crashes ONLY on “Dark Omens”

If you want even more details, check out this post:

Weave 142 (and possibly others) crashing


Hotfix 4.6.2 is now live which should address the most common crashes occurring. Please ensure you have the hotfix installed and let us know if you run into any further issues. Thank you!


Thanks man, and idd could be actually! High possible actually haha

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