Constant crashes in 2.15

I decided to give old vermintide a comeback since 2.15 got so well received, and since there’s supposed to be new cool stuff soon, but I am not able to finish a single game without a crash.

Here’s the last crash report I encountered:

GUID: 715496d6-8f13-4e0d-9d85-bc836ee92b28
Log File:
Info Type:

I’m happy to provide any further details, however there is nothing connecting the crashes. 2 games with Bardin, one game with Kerillian, nothing specific I can think of caused the crash.

Please help </3

This is mod-related, BossTImer I believe. Please disable this mod until the author has updated it to be compatible with the latest patch.

That worked like a charm, thank you very much. Had some good games today <3

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