Weaponless bug

Ok so if I sound passive aggressive, this bug (and several others) just ruined a very fun CW run.

Me as zealot revives my teammate i’m stacked on TPH and give them an endless bomb potion for them to use, what happens? I AM STUCK WITH FISTS.

No greatsword, pistols, no healing, nothing but my ability and accepting my fate as I could perfectly clear the horde and fight the bile troll, the amount of bugs in the past month skyrocketed.

Weaponless glitch
Shade invis failing (not becoming invis for some reason)
Bots freaking out waaaaaaay more than normal and getting stuck in obnoxious spots (I swear they were never this bad before this month).

So yeah… fun is being ruined thanks to bugs, 1-5 every run is not unheard of and it can be minor (bot getting stuck) or gamebreaking (becoming weaponless).

Rant over, anyone else gotten this issue?

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its known.

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