Bugs got stuck

I was doing a Maelstrom run and the bots got stuck in a hallway. I don’t know what they were stuck on because I had no issue traversing that hallway.

Anyway, this ended the run early because I got downed by a rager, and 1 bot on damnation can’t 1v1 a rager so he died. Then the other two stuck bots continued being stuck. When they finally did get unstuck they struggled (and I do mean struggled) to reach me. When they finally did reach me I bled out.

Yeah… The bots really are useless. There’s no excuse for it. It’s incredibly painful having terrible bots on damnation runs while you wait for (hopefully) competent people to join. Bots in V2 could at least hold their own and deal with 1 rager, then revive you or if they got stuck, they’d at least teleport to you, especially to revive you. So why the serious downgrade? So bloody frustrating.

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