CW: purchasing new weapon glitching and disappearing

Three days ago I was in a CW run on Legend difficulty, and tried to purchase a gold melee weapon. Instantly my hands (Kerillian, SOTT) were holding something invisible, and the only command I could perform was highlighting enemies (in-game screenshot attached).

This contributed to the failure of our run. Playing only with sanctioned mods, as follows:

  1. Vermintide Mod Framework
  2. Simple UI
  3. Penlight Lua Libraries
  4. UI Tweaks
  5. Numeric UI
  6. Crosshair Kill Confirmation
  7. Skip Intro
  8. Needii
  9. Bot improvement - combat
  10. Countries in Lobby Browser
  11. Reroll Improvements
  12. Persistent Ammo Counter
  13. Weapon Kill Counter
  14. Friendly Fire Indicator

Thanks in advance.

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Just to make sure, you didn’t pass the Endless Bomb pot on the left to Bardin did you? That causes the mangled hands too.


thats what i thought too, isnt the shrineweapon bug not showing hands at all?


As above, were any items passed between you and another player? There is a current known bug that passing an item can cause weapons to become locked out in this way. This is something that we’re currently investigating.


No, I didn’t do this action of giving an item to someone else. I’ve seen this post earlier, where the issue was related to endless bombs potion.

The scenario was: horde. Bardin and Kruber are way below me (there’s a ledge ahead of me); they’re with the back horde. Sienna is dealing with the front horde. I turned left to pick a gold weapon, which is by my right side, outside the schreenshot. I purchased the weapon and it became like this.

Anoher aspect is that several times I found myself (or my friends) purchasing any kind of weapon, and the player becomes bugged like this for a few moments, until the game loads the textures or something like that, idk. But this was the only time that I couldn’t do anything.

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another info: idk if it can be useful. i was using a greatsword. =)

hello its me again

it happened again: different character, same bug, but this time lasted some 30-seconds and returned to normal after spamming the left mouse button.

Thanks for clarifying! So, this is a separate issue that we’re aware of, which I believe is experienced worse with slower hard drives. I’ve added your reports to the existing entry in our database and given it a nudge.

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Thank you very much! I’ll move my game to the ssd. =)

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