Weapon change bug

I cannot swap my weapons or melee weapons even though clearly I equipped another weapon in the loadout inventory. This was posted earlier but not acknowledged

So I am posting with a video.

Bug video

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And yes I have done everything under the sun, buying new weapons and equipping them, removing mods, creating a new loadout, and everything.

Just +1-ing this to say that this has happened to my Zealot as well.

Yeah this just happened to my zealot, im locked into a flamer and power hammer no matter what i change in inventory, when games load and even the psykanium it wont let me use any other melee or ranged weapon. This is pretty game breaking i cant really play my zealot anymore

Maybe a related issue, the ready screen isn’t accurately showing what blitz, aura and ability is equipped.

Please ensure you don’t have the same Curio equipped in separate slots.

Unsure for the others and not sure how it got double equipped, but adding/equipping another curio fixed this for me.

YES i had the same curio equipped to same slot and fixing that allowed my weapons to switch again. No idea how that happened but at least there is a work around until it gets patched thanks

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