Inventory issues

Am i the only one that’s having issues with the inventory ? When i equip a weapon, go to its appearance , change the skin and add a trinket, it somehow doesn’t save the changes. Sometimes, the weapon isn’t even equipped in the first place, as if it reverted to my last equipped weapon. So i have to redo the steps 1-2 more times until it actually works.

Another issue is with discarding gear. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t work, forcing me again to leave the operative menu, then to try again.

This, I would classify this as a visual bug, as my zealot has that yellow glowing circle next to the “Cosmetics” tab, as if i have earned a new piece of cosmetic. This is only on my zealot. The other classes don’t have it. Believe me, i went through absolutely everything, and it still won’t disappear.

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