Further Zealot bugs

**Issue Description: The following things are also bugged on Zealot:

  1. Ult is giving 50% toughness isntead of 100%. This breaks the whole gameplay of Zealot on Diff 3+. It’s impossible to sustain him under heavy fire. I don’t know how it went past play testing as it’s pretty much class-breaking bug

  2. “Enemy Within, Enemies Without” talent is straight up not working. No toughness regenaration even when hugging enemies (not to mention Veteran one is 8 meter while melee-oriented class is 4 meter only).

  3. The range on Chastise of The Wicked is too short. Probably bug.

**Steps to Reproduce: Use Ult, chose talent. Go to mission, it’s not working properly.

**Platform: PC/Steam

**Reproduction Rate: 100% perma bugs.