Preacher (Zealot) Talent 'Enemies Within, Enemies Without' Does Not Work / Function

Issue Description:

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play Preacher (Zealot)
  2. Take talent ‘Enemies Within, Enemies Without’
  3. Stand next to enemy with <100% Toughness
  4. Toughness does not regenerate


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
11/02/2022, 10:40PM GMT

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)


i was about to post a similar bug report. Enemies Within, Enemies Without does not work and there is no ability icon indicator at bottom left. If it is somehow working then its so weak that its unnoticeable.

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It’s not working. I hugged an enemy for a good 10 seconds. I thought I’d forgotten to select the skill, but nope.

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little sad this wasn’t addressed in latest patch notes. oh. noticed this is “acknowledged”, woot.

Issue Description:

Enemies Within, Enemies without, Zealot passive not working

100% all the time

Pretty simple and clear


zealot is broken in so many ways right now its just not even worth playing

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Stay away from Zealot till they fix him. He is totally broken.

Make Veteran withh 200 toughness and talent that gives back 25% toughness when you kill Elite.

There: better Zealot for you.

Can confirm as well that it is not working.

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Same here, was the trait i intended going for, but i guess it was just not meant to be.

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Did you try it since the hotfix, maybe it was a backend or something like that error, nothing specifically related to “the class itself” ? Can’t connect atm :slight_smile:

can confirm its still broken

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can confirm still not working as of 11/21/2022

" * Fixed an issue where Zealots “Regain toughness while in melee” talent didn’t trigger properly. "

Welp, still does not work, neither in the Meat Grinder, nor in matches. They did not fix anything. Also still the same network issues, crashes, balance issues, talent issues… The balance team should really rethink what they are doing. I like that they try to change things, but the nerfs are just frustrating. Buffing classes to the level of others or other talents is way more insteresting, than nerfing them to the ground, that’s only frustrating and infuriating, especially if you spend currency to make some builds work.

It’s working fine on my end. You need to be near 3 enemies.

Not as insane as it was in the CBT, but still a very strong option.

Dunno what to tell you. Tried in Meat grinder, tried ingame, no status icon showing up in the status bar even in the middle of a horde. Either the UI is bugged, or it just does not work.

It very much is working. Take some hits in combat and block when surrounded. It’ll start going up.

If you notice it’s not going up with 3 around you, then put in a bug report with evidence.

If there’s no icon, that might also be worth a bug report. I dunno if it’s meant to have an icon.

But you get toughness from coherency, especially with Ogryn there, your toughness starts regenerating on its own when in cohe. That does not prove anything, unless you tried with all people dead or far away from coherency. Anyway, I didn’t notice any improvement to the regeneration rate and the UI is not showing it triggering as well, hence my conclussion of it not working.

I am playing Zealot. I am often not in coherency. I am regenerating when not in coherency.

Just went into a game to test. Yep. Works. Not sure if it works on exactly 3, didn’t test that. But it seems to from memory. But it’s definitely working.

Ok finally managed to make it work. It seems that you need to either pick a different talent and play a game with that, or restart the game with a different talent so it saves and refreshes or something. Then you can change back and it should work. Seems like it gets bugged when you had the talent on prior to the update. Now it works correctly, although it still does not show in the status bar for some reason. Anyway, can confirm it works, but if it does not for you, try to run a game/restart with a different talent selected first.