Weapon Special Input Issue

I’m not sure if it’s a hardware/software issue on my end, but in case it isn’t I’m reporting what seems like a bug to me. For the Rapier, there seems to be a window after doing an attack that if the weapon special is inputed during will cause the weapon special to not work properly. For the Billhook, a high Input Buffer setting seems to cause the pull special to occur twice after doing a normal attack.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue

    • For the Rapier, perform an attack.
    • Press the weapon special key a large amount of time after the Rapier has moved off-screen. The Rapier’s weapon special pistol will not fire.
    • For the Billhook, perform the same steps as with the Rapier but with the Input Buffer setting set to 1. The weapon special pull will occur twice.
  • How consistently the issue occurs for you

    • Always if the above steps are followed. For the Rapier I tested it with Input Buffer set to 0.5. For the Billhook it was tested with Input Buffer set to 1 (the Billhook’s issue does not occur if the Input Buffer is set to 0.5). I have the weapon special bound to my mouse’ scroll wheel.
  • Screenshots and/or video evidence

    • Recording link: https://youtu.be/91Jo4XgV7ug
      In the recording you can see when I press my scroll wheel for the Rapier, and that I press my scroll wheel once for the Billhook.

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