Weapon Perks Information

Does anyone know if there’s a list of information on current weapon perks in-game and what they do?

For instance, I just got a Mk V Combat Axe with the “Brutal Momentum” perk: “Ignore Enemy Hit Mass for 2s on Weak Spot Kill”, and I’m not at all sure what “Enemy Hit Mass” is or how it might benefit my build.



most of them carry over from verminitide, so in this case “enemy hit mass” means that you can swing through all enemies no matter the number (I may be wrong tho) enemy mass and cleave works exactly the same as vermintide, if you want a detailed guide and don’t want to wait just watch one for vermintde

Has this been confirmed? I’m about to buy an Ogryn shovel with this perk and sounds like a good choice for crowd control.

All the named information/icons/definitions of enemy types needs to be in the game and not reliant on knowledge of previous games or something you have to get from the community.


Yeah I would understand it the same, basically unlimited Cleave for 2s after weakspot kill. I wonder though if cutting off poxwalker’s head counts as weakspot kill? :slight_smile:

Test it in the meat grinder. Technically it should count, but there has always been a lot of jank with these mechanics in Fatshark games.

I cannot, do not have a weapon with it anymore… :frowning:
And we are in maintenance mode atm.

I had that blessing on a MKV Axe and yeah it felt like it was basically infinite cleave on weakpoint kill. With a weapon with good attack angles (MKV Axe is pretty much all diagonal down sweeps for light attacks so feels pretty ideal) you can have pretty much 100% uptime on hordes. It seems very very good for countering the main weakness of low cleave weapons.


This has been stated many times, but FatShark is the epitome of “information = bad”. Hidden mechanics is sort of their thing.

We collected all data during the Pre Order Beta, you can find it here: Darktide Weapon Blessings (Traits) - Complete List of All Blessings - Darktide WH40k - Games Lantern


Lots of data on the weapons now after launch.

go into your inventory, select your weapon, click or press the inspect button and then click on whatever thing you want more info on

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