Weapon stats for Cleave?

I am trying to find for each weapon how many targets can it slice through with a light and heavy attack (cleave).

Can anyone please share a link/page with such detailed info?

Thank you for helping out.

there is mod called armory and its gonna give you a lot of info

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Indeed, Armory will give you a lot of info, but it’s not simple to interpret all of that, as there is also a lot of info to process. The cleave numbers aren’t simple and clear (unlike in VT1), and depend on a few different things, and as such, will also need to be combined with info from Bestiary (also a mod).

Each weapon does have a cleave mass stat, separate for damage and stagger. Each enemy has a different mass, from slave rats to Chaos warriors. Enemies (or at least some of them) have certain modifiers that also apply to some weapons, making cleaving them with those weapons easier. In addition, any armor or shield will stop most weapons’ strikes. People have researched these pretty deeply, but I’m not certain where to find a good explanation. Steam guides and the Wiki are probably good places to start, and so could be Reddit (though I think I already saw a topic with the same name there).