Ranged Weapon Cleave Questions

Okay, call me stupid or simple-minded but how does ranged weapon cleave effectively work?
Everywhere I just see vague informations like “I cleave through more enemies” or “reduced cleave” but I can’t find any numbers.

Is there a fix number like “Weapon x cleaves through 3 enemies, ± y% due to HeroPower-Difficulty difference”?
How does it affect armored enemies?
Is there some kind of mechanic, which lets a projectile only cleave if it does “overflowing” damage?
Should there be such a mechanic?

Any weapon, no matter ranged or melee has mass limit for damage and for stagger, also different enemies has different bodymass, the more pwr you have the bigger is your weapon cleave, but it is only affected by overall pwr, like 15% pwr with grim tallent or Barrage trait, but not affected by vs Scaven/Chaos/Infantry/etc stat and Hunter trait, that only affects damage but not cleave.

Here is a good sheet with enemy stats and this one has current beta weapon stats for most melee and ranged weapons with 600 hp.

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