Ranged Weapon "Hunter" passiv

I´m the first time on my BH and trying a lil bit on the Dummies.

So i don´t know if it´s a Bug or supposed to do it, but the “Hunter” Passiv from Repeater Pistol works on my Melee Weapon too. The extra damage AND the trigger of this effect.

I don´t think it´s wanted is it?

Read carefully Hunter’s description, it says “Critical hits increase attack power by 25% against targets with the same armor class for a short time”. There is nothing about ranged attack power, it just gives you 25% power, that affects your melee weapon too, same as Barrage trait.

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Every Trait on the Weapon is supposed to be for the Weapon only, so why this one not?


WHY DOES the MELEE WEAPON trigger this effect then too? Every Crit on melee, gives that buff too and that shouldn´t supposed to be or?

I read carefully mate.

Edit: Barrage don´t get triggered by Melee Weapon Attacks… only Hunter…

Anyway… have to be a rare bug, after relog, it doesn´t occur… reported

No they aren’t, a Buff has its Duration, it doesn’t end cause you switcht your Weapon, thats the whole Reason why Hunter is so damn useful but it schould only trigger on the specific Weapon thats right.

WAT??? FYI Swift Slaying also works on ranged weapon, you trigger it with melee crit and you get 20% attack speed, not melee weapon attack speed!

I think part of the problem here was that melee was triggering it as well.

Yes, as others said, Traits on weapons should only trigger on that particular weapon, but the effects apply to all attacks (unless the description says otherwise, but I don’t think any of them do) . But there has been a (usually minor) exploit, at least in VT1, that makes things wonky. You used to (and possibly still do) activate the effect on the weapon you have out when an attack hits, not the one that made the attack. This means that with certain weapons, you could shoot a far-away enemy, quickly switch to melee, and then trigger the melee weapon ability on ranged hit. This or something like it may have been at work here. It may also have had something to do with synchro issues (i. e. lag).

Btw, I seem to be typoing like crazy today. Its annoying, and I wanted to complain. Please ignore and continue.

Hunter triggering on melee weapons is a bug in the keep ( Yes, triggering. Not working on melee weapons ). Same thing happens with talent’s when you switch them around, it can get messy. Reloading the lobby usually fixes it but there are no problems in game.

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