Repeater Pistol: Hunter buff sometimes not applying when using "shotgun"

Issue Summary: Title. When playing as BH with “Hunter” on repeater pistol, I have noticed that the “Hunter” buff sometimes does not apply. At first I thought it was due to me not hitting enemies or not having “Blessed Shots” not active (even though that would have been obvious since I run no ammo consumption on blessed shots, so having to reload would be a dead give-away), but after paying closer attention to it, there is something off with it. This seems not to be replicable in keep with enemies spawned, so I assume it is an issue that has something to do with being client. As further information, I run the reduced spread talent from level 5.
The issue is two-fold:
First issue is Hunter simply not applying when hitting a single target, even though an enemy is clearly hit. This seems to only happen over longer distances. You can clearly see the enemy getting staggered from your shot, but the buff does not apply.
It has never happened to me that the buff did not apply when hitting an enemy (usually CW) from very close distance. Hitting an enemy up close always seems to apply the buff correctly.
The other issue is that when hitting multiple enemies, sometimes only one Hunter buff applies, even though both enemies are from different AC’s. This only happens if enemies are next to each other. If the enemies get hit from piercing, the buff always applies.

I think it might have something to do with the fact that with shotguns, only one pellet is the “trigger pellet”, meaning only that one pellet can trigger effects like Scrounger or CS, and that this is somehow also true for Hunter on Repeater pistol. Up close, the “important” pellet always hits the mark, so you get your Hunter buff. Enemies standing next to each other or over longer distances don’t always get hit by the “trigger pellet” and so it doesn’t apply.
I can understand the balancing reasoning behind the “trigger pellet” for ammo traits, but for hunter, this seems unnecessary. Not that it matters that much, but it does seem weird to me should it be that way.

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