Bombs no longer apply Hunter

So bombs used to apply Hunter if you had that on your ranged weapon (and crit with the bomb), but that is no longer the case. Was this a necessary change that had to be done due to the torpedo gun or is it unrelated? It was a really handy thing to know/use. Now it will still consume the crit (like Bounty Hunter’s guaranteed ranged crit) but not apply Hunter.
I don’t feel like this was any type of exploit or anything, it actually seems less consistent now, and removing little things like this has ruined games for me in the past, so I’m really hoping it will get fixed/added back in.


yes! this is a big deal for me and how i play with my boss killing careers. its something thats always been in the game, and is now gone. pls fix this


It seems like a bug to me that bombs could trigger the traits on your ranged weapon. Same goes for ults.

Yet it was a well known and used game mechanic for years (since release) and only changed a short while ago.

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