Fix counterfire!

The excuse that stalkers are “close range” is downright laughable. Fix that sh!t!


next update

but still no reapers tagged


Do we know why though? Is that by design or a mistake?

I also miss being able to see Monstrosities and Ogyrn, that talent is missing from the skilltree.

because the one that gave us target priorities for those targets is just completely gone atm. which is why it should be added be added to bring it down, because even if we just coped and added reapers we still wouldn’t be able to dunk crushers (which the boltgun absolutely needs to be viable for veteran).

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I don’t understand why they removed that talent from the skill tree tbh.

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Half of it is there.

It’s actually so silly.

Before, the ability said “all shooters” but now it says “all ranged enemies”.

I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen a reaper try and get into melee range to smack me.

They run away to a good distance for them, the exact same way that the other shooters do. FS knows they are ranged enemies (I mean, they are coded to behave the same way) but highlighting them? God no. The emperor hates logic after all!

Bombers and flamers get highlighted, why not a guy with the biggest gun in the game?


Obviously, the Reaper isn’t a shooter or ranged enemy. Oh, wait…

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