Tagging shooty men

Please can we have the ability to tag and highlight any and all ranged enemies, maybe a different color to red. It’s a dark atmospheric game and they are hard to spot. A few other considerations too: They can shoot through the tiniest crack at you and see you through six rusty fences a mile away, do they all have to shoot like Deadshot? here’s a few suggestions/ideas that might work, what do other people think?

  • Being able to tag all ranged
  • Limit their range and accuracy dependent on weapon and class (not massively, sometimes it’s just silly)
  • Extend their melee area (and stay in melee)
  • limit their ammunition so they switch to melee (instead of spam spam spam)
  • Stop them from spawning directly behind and in front of you (I’ve seen this happen to many times)

We have Veteran Sharpshooter for such activities. Bring one.
Spending resources on such mechanics and all that crap into half-working product is irrational. You can check review section on steam: performance, disconnects, crashes and broken promises - those are real troubles of DT, not some wet dreams and selfish ideas. We already have guardian marksman to oppose ranged gunners. It’s working solution, just use it!

Spawning from air is issue, flanking is your test of skills, lack of skill doesn’t mean game is bad.

Just why?

It’ll be nice if the veteran level 30 feats work with the share targets feat.

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