Way too many ranged enemies

The game just feels really really bad if you don’t have an EXTREMELY competent sharpshooter on your team. There’s either way too many ranged enemies, or they are way too accurate. What are you supposed to do to the 15 ranged enemies at the end of a long open hallway with no cover while you are dealing with 50+ melee enemies including armored elites?

The game is very fun, but there are way too many ranged enemies and way too frequently.


yes this does seem to be the case since the weapons i have with the non-sharpshooter clases so far have hardly any range so i cant do anything against the long range enemies except hope that the sharpshooter gets them

half the time the sharpshooters cant get them as they target them the most and they have no way of effectively shooting back as suppuration kills your aim and if your hit you have so little hp your dead

Dodging exists, use it.

and it barely works against ranged. Way to advertise you haven’t done anything above level 1 difficulty.


It works wonders. And I’m running through D4 currently, thank you very much.

There are various weapons available to different classes that can suppress the enemy too. Heavy Stubber is pretty good. So is the Flamer. Also the Mk II Braced Autogun is great; hits hard, slower rate of fire which means groups stay suppressed longer.

Suppression, sprint dodging, sliding dodge.

Or be lucky to have an Ogryn with a shield so you don’t need to learn how to deal with the game mechanics.


I agree sometime a group of ranged enemies can hit hard, but that’s learn to hide/take cover and user cover to cover to move, and i found this nice.

  • As a main ogryn with a door, it’s not a big problem, or i have my heavy-dakka for middle range. Not reserved to the sharpshooter to deal with them.

Level 30 here, you are in fact wrong and dodging with the combination of skills can easily allow you to deal with gunners with a competent team up who is taking out melee while you focus on gunners. Hell I mainly run with the plasma gun or bolter and can usually deal with sharpshooter groups unless I’m being swarmed by melee.


I understand that some players struggle with ranged enemies, but like some others already pointed out here in the comments there are game mechanics to learn and use against those. Furthermore the sharpshooter is not the only class with ranged weapons, every class has a ranged weapon and can deal with enemies from far away. I am playing Psyker and Zealot and I am dealing just fine with ranged enemies. When you get close to them they swap to melee mode, so thats my way to go with zealot, I charge in, take out the shotgunner for example and slash the rest of the gunner group in melee. The amount of ranged enemies is fine at the moment imo, but shouldnt be increased.

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Dodge and/or use the camo cloak talent. Ezpz.


I think most of it is getting used to the new gameplay. I do however curse over ranged enemies in certain circumstances. If you are forced to enter a large open area, with ranged enemies to your left, right and front, with no alternative routes, it’s basically a huge resource drain no matter the team comp. I think the game would be healthier for it if the possible spawns were looked over in certain areas, or if cover etc. was revisited in those areas.

It would also be nice if range attacks didn’t cancel your sprint…