The amount of ranged enemies in higher difficulties feels bad

1: too many ranged enemies
2: coherency mechanic meaning i have way less toughness regen on my own

as zealot/ogryn, if i “do my job” and charge in on 10 lasgunners to “tie them down”, there will be 2-3 lasgunners 10-100 meters from me, around the corner shooting through 1 pixel or across the map (it doesnt really matter for them), who will murder me with 2 pinpoint accuracy volleys, EVERY SINGLE BIG ROOM. Which means EVERY SINGLE BIG ROOM becomes a crouch cover shooter for 5-10 minutes (on the higher difficulties) and its


I’ve got over 120 hours, completed 5+high intensity a lot and I cant actually think of a single time that i have charged in and “done my job” as zealot and it was anywhere near as effective as just picking veteran and pressing F and deleting the entire room from a completely safe spot while standing next to my 3 buddies.

And sure, i can tell myself that the zealot is there to protect the veteran from melee threats… but the truth is if i lost a dollar for each run ive lost to ragers/crushers/bulwarks/maulers i wouldnt even have to open my wallet.


They should nerf ranged enemies damage by A LOT (I mean, 1 burst from 1 enemy destroys your toughness completely!) OR the amount that spawn at a time by A LOT.
Right now, what I notice is that the majority of wipes happening are always because of the ranged dudes, not monsters, not elites, not specials, just “normal” ranged mobs, which is ridiculous. And it’s so time consuming that it becomes a drag to deal with in every room.

I get it that they want to “force” players to engage in ranged combat more, but this is NOT the way to go.


For myself as a fellow Zealot player, while punishing I don’t find the damage neccesarily the worst part. For me its the insane stagger, even when charging. Even if I want to leave my team to go tie them up, half the time I’ll get shot in the middle of my charge and just stand in place while I get mowed down by cultists.

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If you didn’t have to worry so much about getting shot while in melee with other gunners, that problem would be well on its way to being solved. Obviously enemy gunners shouldn’t care about shooting into basic mooks or poxwalkers, but their own teammates ?

It would be very nice if, on engaging a gunner in melee, the whole group of gunners switches targets or goes into melee mode. As Psyker I can go 90% of a game with just my staff in hand, while my melee collects dust.

yup, simply getting pushed away by a gunner 65 meters away really is quite an experience, meanwhile the lasgunners you just “tied into melee” are already pocketing their shovel and pulling that lasgun out of their nether regions.

also, youre supposed to have iframes on your zealot charge btw, you just dont notice because the servers lag any time theres any action.

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Wait really? I assumed that was intentional so you couldn’t straight on rush ranged squads. That’s really unfortunate.